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Nov 24 Week 68 - Brother Xiong Baptism and Testimony, Evelyn Baptism, Howard and Nancy, Sister Yu, Pitbull barking, Yvonne Terry's Mom, Close call with Car, Evelyn, Turkey and Tea Gifts

The two baptisms went off without a hitch!  Everything was perfect.  I will send some pictures in a bit.  
In Middle - Brother Xiong, Evelyn and her husband

The members even brought refreshments!  One member made a cake that wasn't sweet.  It was weird to me, but all the Chinese loved it.  They think our cake is too sweet.  The only bummer was I forgot to tell Elder Heaton, Elder Schoonmaker told him.  I apologized and they ended up being able to come.  

Monday last week was really busy.  After dinner we went to see Brother Xiong.  He was good, and set for his baptism.  When Brother Xiong bore his testimony at the baptism it was really good.  He said that he hoped that his wife would be baptized soon as well.  We are working on her.  She has started coming to English class!  So that is a positive sign!  After visiting Xiong we went to see Howard and Nancy.  I can't remember if I told you about them last week.  They are some formers from when Heaton and Schoonmaker were together.  They let us in last week and were really nice.  The Dad talked with us and said he wasn't interested, but that we could come back, speak some English with them, and teach them the gospel.  So last Monday we talked for a couple minutes and then did some teaching, and gave them the lesson one pamphlet.  We are trying to get them from just friends who want to practice English with us to investigators.  Wish us luck.  
We also saw the Dengs (the husband was baptized by Snyder, the wife still is waiting.)  They wouldn't sit down to talk with us. We shared a quick message as they did the dishes, and left.  

Tuesday we had DDM after ddm we met with Brother Miao to plan the baptism.  We then visited another former named Sister Yu.  We had a return apointment with her but she flaked out on Friday.  At night we went to see Evelyn.  We had a good lesson 5 with her.  

Wednesday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leader.  It was ok. 'it was my first one where I am the same age (mission wise as my leader).  He had me buy him lunch, and walk to someone's door with the pitbull barking at me, while he held the gate open.  So if the dog charged I could escape.  He owes me.  We taught Yvonne Terry's mom.  (Yvonne is Elder Clarkson's OYM from SLC that got baptized, pretty cool.)

Thursday we biked around a lot, and talked with everyone we saw.  At night a member gave us money so we got Chipotle.  I almost got hit by a car though.  This one car stopped and was letting us go through so I jogged to get out of their way faster, but I forgot about the traffic on the otherside going the other way.  Luckily I saw the headlights out of the corner of my eye and stopped.  They blew right past me.  Thank you for your prayers of safety, they worked.

At night we saw Wendy Su, the member's wife that lives in Corona.  It was an okay lesson.  Some people just will take some time I guess.  They we saw Xiong with the Zhangs.  They got along well.  Then we saw Morgan. He is in 3rd Nephi, but he doesn't come to church.  We committed him again, but no luck.  

Friday we biked even more, all the way till dinner. For lunch Brother Zhu took us to pizza.  It was his birthday. Dinner was at a member who is an accountant for Disney.  It was fun to talk with him.  English class was ok.  At night we went to a Chinese member activity with Brother Zhu to the Jiang's house.  It was about how to give Chinese massages.  They talked for an hour about the history and techniques of giving massages.  They said a lot of words I didn't understand.  Just encouraged me to keep studying hard.  

Saturday we did some yard work for Sister Terry.  In the afternoon we saw Winter.  We set a baptismal date for July next year... we are just going to keep in contact with her, and inviting her.  We also saw Tracy.  They are so busy with their business.  She said it should slow down next month though.  So hopefully. While we were there,  a Kirby Vaccum guy came and they let him in to do a demonstration there.  We left, I hope I don't seem like I salesmen when I talk to people.  Saturday night we ate with Evelyn, they made this super spicy dish.   It was really hot.  

Sunday we had church, and after church the baptism.  Last night we saw another lady who we taught English to and then taught gospel to.  She said she will come to church!  Score.  She also gave each of us $50 turkeys.... I didn't know what to do. Her husband also tried to give us some tea that costs 10,000 for a brick of it.  I think we sort of offended him but not accepting it, oh well.  Last night Sister Xiong asked us to come help her buy a used mixer online.  We went, then Brother Xiong had to go.  I asked if there was another guy, they said Brother Xiong will be right back, but he wasn't.  So we were they without a  guy for a while.  I really try hard to follow the rules and be exactly obedient, but sometimes I mess up.  Glad we have repentance.   We drove to a park to talk to people.  After the park, we spent a few minutes counting up our numbers for the week.  We only got 5 member presents this week.  I am trying for 7 this week.  While we were counting Elder Schoonmaker and his comp (who is Deb Kowes nephew)  showed up.  They stood and talked to us for a good 15 minutes.   I felt bad after.  I don't like to waste time.  Again glad we have repentance.  I will do better this week!

-Elder Murray

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