Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nov 3 Week 65 - Sister Sterner transferred away, Schoonmaker transferred in, Hot Pot Dinner with Winter, Translating Stake Conference, Ward Halloween Party, Help Evelyn enroll Heidi at school

Alright well... I'll get the big news out of the way first.  Transfer calls last night.  We are staying... but Sister Sterner is leaving... guess who is taking her place... Elder Schoonmaker... I didn't see that one coming.  That's how transfers go I guess.  So I am still a DL; my district is sweet!  Just the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders.  That will be fun.  

Also Brother Xiong was not baptized.  He didn't even meet with us.  We don't know what is up. So frustrating.  

Winter is still just waiting to get married.  Tonight we are eating with them and going to try to teach him the first lesson as we eat.  They are making us hot pot.  They said we'll need a while to eat it.  So we are going to teach and eat.  It never seems to work out very good when I have tried it in the past but we will see.  

Tuesday Sister Katey Zhang had us over to teach her uncle visiting from China.  I used the HTBT points from PMG and asked if we could call him Brother Wan.  He flat out refused and sort of got angry.  It was a stressful lesson.  He grilled me and anytime Katey or Brother Miao tried to help he told them not to speak.  I tried my best and it went ok.  My Chinese has improved.  They think I am Chinese when I talk on the phone, and this Sunday I did translation for Stake Conference.  I was super worried it  didn't make sense, but later Evelyn (Liu Yue's wife) said she was really moved by a talk in Stake Conference.  Her English isn't that good so I am pretty sure she listened to my translation, I was glad I could get the message across. Even though it wasn't perfect. 
Tuesday we also read the Book of Mormon with Brother Zhu.  He is has lots of questions.  It is interesting teaching him.
Wednesday we tried to see a couple less actives in Moreno Valley.  No luck... waste of time and miles... bummer. I tried to call before, but the one didn't have a number and another didn't answer.  We also taught Winter, not the best lesson.  She was too excited for the Ward Halloween party.  The party was good.  We had a lot of non-members show up.  Chinese people don't like chili. At night we taught a potential named Shawn.  We just taught him the restoration on his front porch.  That was fun.  He said he is super busy, so we'll see if we can get back with him.  Maybe we can.

Thursday we did planning then we drove to Ontario to help Evelyn enroll her daughter Heidi in school.  It went perfect, I am impressed with the public schools here.  They were super accommodating and nice.  I love translating.  It makes me feel like I am really  helping people.  I'm thinking about maybe coming down here in the Summer after my first year at BYU and looking for a translating gig, to help keep up my Chinese.  Anyway we invited Evelyn to baptism after and she said of course, no problem!  Awesome!  We did a lot of walking around the rest of the day looking for potential investigators.  No luck.  Then we met with Tracy and Morgan and bishop.  We got her date set for Nov. 16.   Xiong cancelled on us that night.  Bummer. 

Friday was a bummer day.  We did studies then helped Evelyn and Heidi again as they got transferred to a more Chinese friendly school.  We came back and visited this old couple that came to church and really liked it, but don't want to meet with us.... we'll see.  Then we saw a member who's husband is not a member.  She said he isn't interested though.  Then we talked to some people.  Then we helped Brother Jiang translate his talk from Chinese to English for Stake Conference.  Then we went to the Halloween party!   It was super weird watching a movie, in normal clothes with girls there.  The Best Two Years is great.  The scene where Elder Rodgers just sits and takes pictures while Elder Calhoon tries to contact people reminded me so much of being in Riverside after Elder Snyder left.  That was all we did.  We decorated too.. I have to send the picture.

Saturday was awesome!  It rained!  Which never ever happens here.  We also got in finally with 2 former investigators including this cool family that lives in Chino.  Their name is the Fan's.  We had a bomb lesson with them.  They really didn't want to pray because they felt like if they thanked God for blessings and asked for stuff without believing it, it was just pretending.  So we shared the scripture where King Lamoni's dad prays.  It was perfect.  We are hopefully going back next week.  We also taught this other guy named Jack Wang.  He is pretty cool.  He is a referral from Brother Miao.  He was less solid about a return appointment.  We are going to call him on Thursday and see.  At night we walked around and guess what we got 3 potentials in 30 minutes.... crazy.  

Sunday at Stake Conference there was a seventy from Hawaii.  Afterwards he came up and said hi, and then all the sudden he started speaking Chinese!!  I was shocked.  I felt like how the Chinese must feel when start talking to them.  After church we did studies.  We had a really good dinner at Evelyn and Liu's house.  They are so solid!  Ok well I think that is it.  We had a good week!  Even though our numbers weren't too good.

-Elder Murray

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