Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 10 Week 66 - Hit Standard of Excellence, Merriman is the driver, Brother Miao in Provo, Evelyn baptism scheduled for 23rd, Pray for Bro Xiong, Winter, Invite Bro Zhu, Talk on Becoming Christ-like

Ya super big bummer about not being able to email back.  I even asked President a while back if it was ok and he said yes, so I guess this is a new thing... :(   This week we hit the STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE!!!! It was close and the last lesson was a little sketchy, but we pulled it off ok. We needed one more member present so we talked to a family who had a grandma in town that wasn't a member.  We went over and taught the restoration, asked the family to share their conversion stories and asked the grandma if she had any questions.  She told us she was Buddhist and didn't want to join.  

Other news President made Elder Merriman the car driver this transfer.  That is fine with me no complaints, but it got me thinking maybe President is planning on putting me back in UCR next transfer... I sure hope not after being there for nine months already. But it could happen.   When Elder Schoonmaker found out Merriman was the driver he was excited and said, "you might go back to Riverside..." Actually Schoonmaker isn't in my district anymore, just in my Zone.  
His companion right now is a really old/really good missionary.

Also last thing Brother Miao will be in Provo this week and asked if we needed anything picked up. 
 I couldn't think of anything.  

Evelyn is great.  She should be baptized on the 23rd!  So awesome!  I am super excited for them. 
 Xiong came to church on Sunday.  He is such a good guy.  He tells us he is too busy to meet.  It is really frustrating.  Keep him in your prayers to know what to do.   Brother Zhu is a regular at church, he is a good guy.  We still haven't invited him to baptism.  The members discourage us from doing that, I can see why, he still isn't sure God exists, but we need to repent and just do it!  Hold me accountable to that next week please.  Winter isn't progressing.  She talked to Norris about marriage.  He said "why do you need to get baptized?"  Winter said she didn't have a good answer for him.  She told us she hasn't been feeling very sure about it recently.  We are going over there tonight to read 2nd Nephi 31 with her.  Pray for her too.  I really love these people.  I love this ward.  I love what I am doing here.  I love Jesus Christ.  This week I had to give a talk on becoming Christ-like.  I looked at all the Christ-like attributes in PMG and tried to think of stories where Christ demonstrating these attributes.  It was really awesome.   When we got in the car the Hymn "As now we take the Sacrament" started playing (which is my favorite) I really started to tear up.  I am so grateful for this time that I have to serve Him, and strengthen my testimony.  This really is the best two years.  Even though I miss you guys more than anything else, I am so glad I am here in this ugly, hot, dry part of the world.

On Wednesday they ate at Wanda Wach's home.  She sent the following  email and pictures

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