Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct 27 - Week 64 - Updates on Winter, Melody, Wei Zhu, Li Jie Mei, Tracy Gao, Bro Xiong - Making Cookies and OYM at Chinese Market

Ugg I am regretting being so stingy about not counting dinner as lessons... we got 17 lesson and 10 member presents, and 5 people at church!  If we counted dinners we would have hit standard!  Oh well.   Also a while back I asked President for permission to oym at Chino Hill market out of the mission.  He said he would like it if we had someone to visit out there and then went to oym.  So not just going out to oym.  At the time we had no investigators there, so I asked if we could try it out once and just see, because our ward mission leader said there were lots of Chinese there.  Well then we got some referrals that lived out there, so we just did that. Elder Merriman is good.  Best comp by far.  

Here is how people are doing.  
Bro Xiong:  He came to church!  He is technically on date for this Sunday, but when I talked to him yesterday he said he wasn't sure.  So we will see.

Winter Zhen:  She is good.  She has good relationships with the members, and comes to church every week.  She just needs to get married.  So we are praying for Norris (her bf) heart to be softened.  

Melody:  On date for Nov 16.  Busy with finals this last week and didn't come to church.

Wei Zhu:  Reads, Prays, comes to church... but doesn't want to take the lessons... just wants English lessons... 

Evelyn (Liu Yue's wife): She is great!  Came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it.  We met with them last night and brought Brother Su, from Beijing.  They are also from the North so their accents are hilarious.  The add er on the end of everything.  

Li Jie Mei (Katey Zhang's renter):  Had a surgery that put a baby inside of her so she is down and out for a while.  

Tracy Gao (Morgan's wife)  We finally met with her at an English member's house.  The lesson was really good and put her on date for the 16th as well.  She accepted, but then yesterday was still a little unsure.  I

Alright that is the lowdown on everyone.  

I have been really tired recently, and having a hard time staying awake during personal study... it is bad.  I need more of those mouth drops to suck on from the MTC days.   

I am making cookies for my district today.  this is my first time making cookies since I was home, we will see how they turn out.  For Halloween we get to watch "The Best Two Years"  at the chapel.  I am excited.  

Ok I can' think of anything else to write.  I know I need to just focus on what the Lord and Heavenly Father want and think of me.  It is hard though.   Chinese was hard this week.  

-Elder Murray

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