Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16 Week 80 - Testimony as answer to Religion/Brainwash question, Couple hides behind tree, Born Year of the Pig not Dog, DDM Meetings - Sister Pope from WXHS is still hilarious, Multi-Zone Conference

Ok well things are pretty good. I had a good Birthday yesterday. Elder Dyer made breakfast. He is a good chef. The package was great. I love the conference talks. Grandma Cahoon sent me coconut/chocolate covered almonds though which are addictive. I can't walk in the door without grabbing some. ;)


 Well Monday we had dinner then we got stood up by Tracy and Morgan so we just walked around trying to find some new people. We went back home with no luck. We actually had a couple hide from us. They hid behind a tree. We took the hint that they didn't want to talk, and let them be. :) It gave us a good laugh though. Tuesday we had our DDM meetings. It is fun. Sister Pope is still hilarious as ever.

Woods Cross High Orchestra Missionaries - Reunion in Riverside
(Michael Thompson, Dexter Murray, Kiersten Pope, Katie Cozzens

 After our meetings we had a good lunch at a Hawaiian place. In the afternoon... we tried to get Sister Yan interviewed for baptism. After dinner we made this invitation to give to investigators for the Chinese New Year's celebration the stake is putting on. I think it is pretty cool my birthday is usually right around Chinese New Year time. Brother Miao checked to see what animal year I am. I have always thought I was a pig, but since my birthday is so close, I could have been a dog. Turns out that year it was Feb. 10. So I am still a pig. They assure me that is the better option, but I still don't think so.


 Wednesday we had Multi-Zone conference. Thanks! It was a good conference. I enjoy President's training. I loved the talk Dad sent. It helped me feel the spirit. Anyways... after the conference we had English class. We had a bunch of Indian people showing up. It is weird since we speak only Chinese and English. Especially since they won't let us share anything about our religion with them. They are Hindu and Muslim. On Thursday we went to help the Chen's with some computer problems again. They made us a really good lunch. I love Taiwanese food! After that we got stood up some more. We found out that, Sister Wei who was super solid just moved to Irvine. The missionaries there are going to jump for joy. Oh well. She will be a great member there. After that we finished the invitation for the party, and at night we saw Liu Yue, and Evelyn and Heidi. Keep them in your prayers! Friday we went to do a presentation to a bunch of Chinese students visiting here. It was good. We get there. We speak Chinese, they freak out. Then they ask all about our religion and what the heck we are doing out here. This time they asked me "How do you know religion is real and not just some type of brainwashing (I've gotten this this question a lot, I think this is what the communists tell them religion is) Here is my answer. I will probably have to wait till after I die to know 100% for sure that this is real. As for right now, I have no way to use science or logic or reasoning or any other method to prove God is there. On the other hand, I also have no way to prove that He is not there or isn't real. I am just a 20 year old who hasn't even been to college yet. However, I do KNOW without a doubt that this belief system blesses my life. I know that when I pray, when I read scriptures, when I go to church, I feel something. I feel good, I feel peaceful, I feel happy. I know that it helps me to be a better person and improve and grow. I also know it doesn't just apply to me. I have seen so many people (the Miao's, the Jiang's, the Su's, Louis, Emma and Dong Fang, Shell, Shelly, Dave, Su, Brother Xiong, Evelyn.... I can't even name them all. I have seen that this really helps everyone no matter who they are. All these feelings and blessings lead me to choose to believe, and never give up my faith. I know Heavenly Father is there by a different way that I know I speak Chinese or I am sitting in a chair emailing you guys. I know by the Holy Ghost that these things are true. It is a different type of knowledge. I love you guys so much. Thanks for helping me develop my testimony. Ok sorry that was long, and I am running out of time.... ahh. Ok so at night we met with the Xiongs and the Jiangs. Sister Xiong agreed to be baptized before I got home!!! :) Brother Xiong is really making an effort to help her, and she and Sister Jiang are good friends. Also Brother Su's dad flew back from China. He almost got baptized last time, he agreed to let us teach him again!!!!!! Saturday was great. We had a great lesson with Lawrence and his wife. He is totally down to get baptized!! They came to church Sunday. The Miao's bore solid testimony, and Lawrence or Brother Pu I should say is feeling the spirit!!!!! He should be good. Lina is out of town right now. Hopefully she gets back soon! Ok well that is my week. -Elder Murray

Feb 9 Week 79 - Kept room for English Class, 4 People on date (Sister Yan, Sister Wei, Lina, Lawrence), Used every headset for Chinese on Sunday, Atonement allows us to become clean when we repent and makes right all that is unfair about this life

Ok crazy thing this week. So we have this awesome set up for English class. We clean up a street in Eastvale and in return they give us a free room at the neighborhood center. This has been going on for 2 years at least. Well recently this one receptionist got on us because we weren't in the computer schedule. She had us call her manager. The manager never returned our multiple calls. So we went in and they said we just had to refill the application. Well when we returned the application, they said we couldn't use the facilities again until it was processed, which would take multiple weeks. We have English class every week. The people there were very rude to us actually. So I asked them for all of their names, and their supervisor's name. Then I called a city council member that is in another ward. He said don't worry. Within the hour we got two calls apologizing for what happened. One was from the supervisor and one from the head of parks and rec. We caused a bit of a stir. They said we can still use the room, no problem. I was so happy. Everything is really good. We have 4 people on date. One is Sister Yan. She is really solid. The other is is Sister Wei. She is really cool! Then we have a nice girl named Lina. I think I wrote about her last week. We saw her aunt at the New Years party, and she referred us to her daughter! The other is Lawrence. He is a cool new investigator we have! Church this week was crazy. The chapel was just full of Chinese people! We used every last headset. I had to translate since the member that they called to translate said he couldn't do it. I feel like he is still better than me; he just got overwhelmed. Translating is hard. Lots of times I just say the main idea in my own words, rather than trying to say everything perfectly word for word. Ok well this week isn't very well documented, but it was good. We worked hard. I really believe in the power of the Atonement. I am so grateful that we can repent and become clean again through the atonement. I know we can have the power to forgive others if we pray and ask. I have felt this multiple times on my mission. I love you guys so much. I hope you have a great week with Kevin and David. The best quote in PMG is all that is unfair about this life will be made right through the atonement! I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that this gospel is true. I feel so good as I do what is right, as I learn the gospel, and apply it in my life. It sounds crazy to Chinese people, but all we can do is just invite them to do it and feel it for themselves. ILY -Elder Murray

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feb 2 Week 78 - Elder Dyer is Great!; Keep Line in Water; Never know who you are helping - Yin, Wu family, Wu, Yan, Wang Family, Xiong, Sister Terry; Converts teaching Kids - Evelyn and Liu Yue; Chinese New Year Celebration in Riverside

How exciting that you are getting those Taiwanese kids this week! WHAT THE HECK! There is a Chinese market in Utah!!!!! That just made my day. I was so sad that when I got back to Utah there would be no Chinese food. Phew. Oh you got the recipe right, I just need a recipe for the dough that goes outside. The recipe you sent only said "1lb of simple yeast dough." I don't know how to make that yet. Am I supposed to buy it? I hope dad is feeling better.   So the week went fast, it was good. Monday it rained. Elder Dyer got here, and Merriman left. We went and visited Winter, they got along well talking about Taiwan. We also picked up Tracy and Morgan's friend as an investigator her name is Ivy. The next day was good. In the morning, the Wu family (the ones that came to all 3 hours of church) called us and asked to meet. They wanted help with applying for school. We also taught them a lesson. The husband is going back to China soon. Afterward they offered to take us out to eat. It was a little far, but still in the stake. I decided to go. It was good, I accidentally took a bite of a cake that I am pretty sure had coffee in it. Whoops. After we tried to visit that Rodger guy. Turns out he has his own church and isn't interested. A complete 180 from before. We also went to visit Liu (the Chino Hills guy) He was super cool. We had a great team up come from his ward with us. It was a great lesson. Unfortunately after that lesson we haven't been able to get in touch. We don't have his address (we just met at the chapel) His phone isn't working..... it is so frustrating. Pray that we get in touch with him. He seemed so solid. Wednesday we had DDM, then we met with a new guy. His name is Wu, we have taught his wife before. Her name is Sammy Liu. He was super nice, and remembered the church from when they went to Hawaii last year. He came to church on Sunday! After we went to this super less active guy name brother Yin. He had me look at his medicare statements, again, and his credit card company. After that we started talking. He is also from Shanghai just like Elder Dyer. They had a great time talking. Well in the course of their conversation Elder Dyer found out he lived in the most expensive part of Shanghai, he showed us pictures of his house. It was crazy nice. Then he told us that he owns this huge company, he showed his office, and all these pictures of him with other VIPs in China. It was crazy. Here is this old guy that has me translate his Medicare and banks statements, and turns out he is a mult-millionaire in China. Too crazy. Thursday Elder Henderson and Dyer went to a DL meeting. So I stayed in Riverside for a while. It was a good time. We rode around and talked to a lot of people! I got 3 potentials. It is crazy how, all of the sudden you just have a ton of success, and other times nothing. In pmg (Preach my Gospel) they compare it to fishing, you always have to have your line in the water, because you never know! Then we did planning for the week. At night we saw the Yan's. Sister Yan called Brother Yan Satan for not believing in Christ. Then we saw our investigator on date the Wang family. The dad couldn't come. We taught the wife Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. No problems! The only problem is that she might not be able to come to church the next two weeks so that would make it impossible for her to make her date. Friday we had a lesson with the Su family and the Wu family, since they are both from Beijing and really young. The Su family was awesome and bore just awesome pure testimony about how the church has blessed their lives! They also went off topic and taught the Word of Wisdom for us. The Wu family wasn't too thrilled, but it is ok. They came to a baptism on Sunday! So that was good! After the Wu's we went to see the Yan's again. Elder Dyer put her on date! It was good to have a new person there to challenge her. I think she should get baptized on my Birthday! At night we saw Evelyn and Liu Yue we taught their 8 year old daughter Heidi about prayer. Her parents really helped. It was a really cool experience to see these two recent converts bear their testimony and help their child learn how to talk to Heavenly Father. She said the closing prayer and did really well! Saturday we went to the Chinese New Years celebration in downtown Riverside. --It is so sad that you get the two Chinese people right at New Years. It is like leaving your family on Christmas. Will they be here for the 18th/19th? Or will they go back before that? (We checked with our Taiwanese students, Kevin and David, and their parents are working. They will be back before the holiday and when parents are on holiday from work...just nice to be out of school while here)-- Anyways we went there. It was fun. Sunday was good. We went to church. I translated for Sister Chen again, but I messed up. It was pretty embarrassing. Afterward we helped Sister Xiong pull weeds. I know it is probably against the Sabbath, but Brother Xiong is out of town, and her heart is softening so we'll see! We went to a baptism after. The Wu's came so I was clear to go. Afterwards we saw Yuyi, and we walked around a lot. This week we also fixed Sister Terry's toilet. And it was just a good week, I am running out of time though. Elder Dyer is really cool. He has had a really cool life, I enjoy hearing about it. He is really easy to get along with. I am excited for this transfer!!! -Elder Murray

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jan 26 Week 77 - New Companion Elder Dyer - Staying in Eastvale!!; Miracles- Wei family and Phoebe baptisms for Feb, Temple Square Referral, Chino Hills investigator at baptism, Miao's testimony; Wu family, Chens Computer Help, Tracy and Morgan, Sister Yan, Mrs. Chen, Zhangs, Xiongs, Winter, Selina

Saturday night was transfers. I am still here with Dyer, Dyer is a new DL. I am excited. I am confident we will do good, and have success together. With that lets take a look at the week! Monday night our plans fell through, then the Chen's asked us to come help them fix their computer. So I translated and told Merriman what they needed done, and he did it. I feel so dumb when it comes to computers. I guess I always thought, oh Parker will do that. So I never felt a need to learn. So I need to learn somehow. Tuesday we had a lesson in the park with the Wu family. It was pretty good. They sure are nice, and they said they'd be baptized if they felt that it was true. They said they would need some time though. They went out with friends on Sunday so they didn't come to church. They have potential though! Later that day we saw Tracy and Morgan, they are studying to get insurance seller's licenses. So they had a bunch of English questions for us. They said they'd come to church, but didn't. Oh! I forgot to tell you the English question another member sent. I will put it at the end. We helped the Chen's again in the morning with their computer stuff. They were booking a cruise to Mexico. Fun stuff. Then we came back and did studies and went out. We saw Winter she is doing good, but just needs to get married. She went to another baptism last night that was good for her to see. Then we met with Brother Miao to have correlation meeting. Then we had English class, and we had a good amount of people show up. We had a good meeting with Pheobe and put her on date for February! Thursday we met with Sister Yan again, she wants to go back and ask her Chinese preacher if this church is true before she gets baptized. We had a lesson on asking God, and how he will tell us what is true. So we asked if her pastor said no, but Heavenly Father said yes what she would do. She said she'd listen to Heavenly Father. So we committed her to pray and ask if this is true... again. We also got a new investigator that day named Mrs. Chen. She is a referral from Sister Deng. She was nice, but talked a lot about how she believes in God now, because her old boss's daughter had a devil in her, and then a Christian preacher cast it out. It was sort of creepy. After that we had dinner at the Zhangs again. it was so good. I love their food. Then we met with Brother Xiong he is going to have us over for dinner one day and teach me how to make some super easy Chinese foods to make at BYU. Xiong is so awesome. His wife is going to come with one day. We also saw the Wei family. We put them on date for February too! Yay! They are really nice, but they totally said they would come to church and then didn't. We'll see. Friday was full of miracles. We took the Miao's to see this Taiwanese lady we found. The Miaos bore such great testimony of the gospel and all it has done for their family. Sister Miao almost cried. Then I asked if it would be ok if we share more about how to have an eternal family. She totally rejected us and told us not to come back. It was so awkward. Well driving away from that we got a call from the Chino Hills missionaries. They had an investigator that just walked into their baptism. He is Chinese. So we went out there at 3:00 to see him. We put him on date for 2/15. He is super cool. He goes back to China soon. The only problem is he lives really far and has no car. So he can't come to our ward. We'll see what happens there. Then afterwards I randomly scrolled all the way to the bottom of our text messages in our phone. There was one saved there from December 2013. It was a referral from temple square. So we went to his house. He was out in his front lawn. We have a return appointment tomorrow. Exciting! Saturday was hard, we spent a lot of time at parks talking to people, but we got two new potentials that I am excited about. We also went and helped the Su's call Amazon to get some unknown charges figured out. It was a really long and windy day. Sunday was good. We had 3 people come and we hit standard! Then Winter came to a baptism that Schoonmaker and Dyer have. They have been bursting with success. Standard every week, and they have baptisms set up till March. Anyway that was fun to see. We tried to see this new family, but she is buddhist and didn't let us share a message. At night we saw Selina. She is doing good. Things are great! I am excited for this new transfer. Ok here is the funny quote: -"Elder's can I ask you an English question? What does "let's wrap this bad boy up!" mean?" I love you guys! -Elder Murray