Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jan 26 Week 77 - New Companion Elder Dyer - Staying in Eastvale!!; Miracles- Wei family and Phoebe baptisms for Feb, Temple Square Referral, Chino Hills investigator at baptism, Miao's testimony; Wu family, Chens Computer Help, Tracy and Morgan, Sister Yan, Mrs. Chen, Zhangs, Xiongs, Winter, Selina

Saturday night was transfers. I am still here with Dyer, Dyer is a new DL. I am excited. I am confident we will do good, and have success together. With that lets take a look at the week! Monday night our plans fell through, then the Chen's asked us to come help them fix their computer. So I translated and told Merriman what they needed done, and he did it. I feel so dumb when it comes to computers. I guess I always thought, oh Parker will do that. So I never felt a need to learn. So I need to learn somehow. Tuesday we had a lesson in the park with the Wu family. It was pretty good. They sure are nice, and they said they'd be baptized if they felt that it was true. They said they would need some time though. They went out with friends on Sunday so they didn't come to church. They have potential though! Later that day we saw Tracy and Morgan, they are studying to get insurance seller's licenses. So they had a bunch of English questions for us. They said they'd come to church, but didn't. Oh! I forgot to tell you the English question another member sent. I will put it at the end. We helped the Chen's again in the morning with their computer stuff. They were booking a cruise to Mexico. Fun stuff. Then we came back and did studies and went out. We saw Winter she is doing good, but just needs to get married. She went to another baptism last night that was good for her to see. Then we met with Brother Miao to have correlation meeting. Then we had English class, and we had a good amount of people show up. We had a good meeting with Pheobe and put her on date for February! Thursday we met with Sister Yan again, she wants to go back and ask her Chinese preacher if this church is true before she gets baptized. We had a lesson on asking God, and how he will tell us what is true. So we asked if her pastor said no, but Heavenly Father said yes what she would do. She said she'd listen to Heavenly Father. So we committed her to pray and ask if this is true... again. We also got a new investigator that day named Mrs. Chen. She is a referral from Sister Deng. She was nice, but talked a lot about how she believes in God now, because her old boss's daughter had a devil in her, and then a Christian preacher cast it out. It was sort of creepy. After that we had dinner at the Zhangs again. it was so good. I love their food. Then we met with Brother Xiong he is going to have us over for dinner one day and teach me how to make some super easy Chinese foods to make at BYU. Xiong is so awesome. His wife is going to come with one day. We also saw the Wei family. We put them on date for February too! Yay! They are really nice, but they totally said they would come to church and then didn't. We'll see. Friday was full of miracles. We took the Miao's to see this Taiwanese lady we found. The Miaos bore such great testimony of the gospel and all it has done for their family. Sister Miao almost cried. Then I asked if it would be ok if we share more about how to have an eternal family. She totally rejected us and told us not to come back. It was so awkward. Well driving away from that we got a call from the Chino Hills missionaries. They had an investigator that just walked into their baptism. He is Chinese. So we went out there at 3:00 to see him. We put him on date for 2/15. He is super cool. He goes back to China soon. The only problem is he lives really far and has no car. So he can't come to our ward. We'll see what happens there. Then afterwards I randomly scrolled all the way to the bottom of our text messages in our phone. There was one saved there from December 2013. It was a referral from temple square. So we went to his house. He was out in his front lawn. We have a return appointment tomorrow. Exciting! Saturday was hard, we spent a lot of time at parks talking to people, but we got two new potentials that I am excited about. We also went and helped the Su's call Amazon to get some unknown charges figured out. It was a really long and windy day. Sunday was good. We had 3 people come and we hit standard! Then Winter came to a baptism that Schoonmaker and Dyer have. They have been bursting with success. Standard every week, and they have baptisms set up till March. Anyway that was fun to see. We tried to see this new family, but she is buddhist and didn't let us share a message. At night we saw Selina. She is doing good. Things are great! I am excited for this new transfer. Ok here is the funny quote: -"Elder's can I ask you an English question? What does "let's wrap this bad boy up!" mean?" I love you guys! -Elder Murray

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