Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 Week 76 - Sick, Wu Family Calls and comes to church, Wei Family -referral from Yu's, Fun Charades at Miao's, Giving Blessing, Interview with President

I am sick as a dog. I probably haven't been this sick my whole mission. So annoying, at least it was on a P-day I am going to take a super long nap after this. This week was pretty cool, there were some disappointments, but lots of blessings too! So... ok I am trying hard to remember... I might not do day by day, but just say stuff as I think of it. So the coolest thing, was 2 weeks ago we talked to a cool family in the park, I got their number and called them, and they said they were busy and would call us. Which usually means that they don't want to meet. I was bummed. Well Saturday night they called, and they all came to all 3 hours of church yesterday! So awesome. We will be meeting with them tomorrow! So cool! There last name is Wu. Also a while back there, the Yu's brought a lady to church. I had talked to her on the street at least twice before. We have been trying to get a meeting with them forever. We finally did! It was really good we have a new family! They accepted the invite to baptism and this week we will put them on date for Feb! They are the Wei family! They didn't come to church though so that was a bummer. Ok so Liu Yue had to get a job at a sushi place, which makes him work all the time! So church will be hard to come to now, I am stressing now. We will figure something out. Brother Xiong is great! He and the family came to a great ward activity at the Miaos. We had so many investigators come, it might have got the Miao's a little overwhelmed, but that's ok. It was fun. They played charades. It was so funny. I have never seen them act like that. They are so reserved, they barely even smile. And Sister Su was acting out an inch worm on the ground, everyone was dying. It was fun to watch. I love all these people! I am so grateful for the gospel, that has touched all of their lives! Micheal and Wei wei stood us up. But they had good reason. They had to take their daughter to the hospital. So we will meet with them this Saturday. Uh... oh so a sister missionary got sick, and asked us to come give her a blessing. I felt like the spirit really helped me know what to say in the blessing. It was cool. What else.... oh interviews with president where this week. Mine was just so so. He told me I need to enjoy my mission more. I really do enjoy my mission, I just don't want to break the rules, or miss doing something that Heavenly Father wants me to do. So I get a little stressed over that stuff. He also talked about how long I have been in both areas. I know Elder Schoonmaker is begging to come back to Eastvale, and also to train the new Elder from China. Elder Zhen. So I am a little nervous about that. He also asked me if I thought Dyer or Merriman would be a better trainer. I said I don't know Dyer yet so.... I couldn't say. I wanted to say me! I also want to train the Chinese guy and get super good Chinese. I trust President Mullen to listen to the spirit and make the best decision for everyone. Tuesday we went to the temple. It was good. I love the temple, our ride took us to cafe rio after and then to deseret book... I was a little stressed, because we got home so late, and we were out of the mission (the temple is out of the mission.) I felt bad though because we didn't arrange the ride and I have rushed these Elders a lot before. Well so that is the week. Please pray for me not to be sick, and to get some good work done this week. -Elder Murray

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