Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feb 2 Week 78 - Elder Dyer is Great!; Keep Line in Water; Never know who you are helping - Yin, Wu family, Wu, Yan, Wang Family, Xiong, Sister Terry; Converts teaching Kids - Evelyn and Liu Yue; Chinese New Year Celebration in Riverside

How exciting that you are getting those Taiwanese kids this week! WHAT THE HECK! There is a Chinese market in Utah!!!!! That just made my day. I was so sad that when I got back to Utah there would be no Chinese food. Phew. Oh you got the recipe right, I just need a recipe for the dough that goes outside. The recipe you sent only said "1lb of simple yeast dough." I don't know how to make that yet. Am I supposed to buy it? I hope dad is feeling better.   So the week went fast, it was good. Monday it rained. Elder Dyer got here, and Merriman left. We went and visited Winter, they got along well talking about Taiwan. We also picked up Tracy and Morgan's friend as an investigator her name is Ivy. The next day was good. In the morning, the Wu family (the ones that came to all 3 hours of church) called us and asked to meet. They wanted help with applying for school. We also taught them a lesson. The husband is going back to China soon. Afterward they offered to take us out to eat. It was a little far, but still in the stake. I decided to go. It was good, I accidentally took a bite of a cake that I am pretty sure had coffee in it. Whoops. After we tried to visit that Rodger guy. Turns out he has his own church and isn't interested. A complete 180 from before. We also went to visit Liu (the Chino Hills guy) He was super cool. We had a great team up come from his ward with us. It was a great lesson. Unfortunately after that lesson we haven't been able to get in touch. We don't have his address (we just met at the chapel) His phone isn't working..... it is so frustrating. Pray that we get in touch with him. He seemed so solid. Wednesday we had DDM, then we met with a new guy. His name is Wu, we have taught his wife before. Her name is Sammy Liu. He was super nice, and remembered the church from when they went to Hawaii last year. He came to church on Sunday! After we went to this super less active guy name brother Yin. He had me look at his medicare statements, again, and his credit card company. After that we started talking. He is also from Shanghai just like Elder Dyer. They had a great time talking. Well in the course of their conversation Elder Dyer found out he lived in the most expensive part of Shanghai, he showed us pictures of his house. It was crazy nice. Then he told us that he owns this huge company, he showed his office, and all these pictures of him with other VIPs in China. It was crazy. Here is this old guy that has me translate his Medicare and banks statements, and turns out he is a mult-millionaire in China. Too crazy. Thursday Elder Henderson and Dyer went to a DL meeting. So I stayed in Riverside for a while. It was a good time. We rode around and talked to a lot of people! I got 3 potentials. It is crazy how, all of the sudden you just have a ton of success, and other times nothing. In pmg (Preach my Gospel) they compare it to fishing, you always have to have your line in the water, because you never know! Then we did planning for the week. At night we saw the Yan's. Sister Yan called Brother Yan Satan for not believing in Christ. Then we saw our investigator on date the Wang family. The dad couldn't come. We taught the wife Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. No problems! The only problem is that she might not be able to come to church the next two weeks so that would make it impossible for her to make her date. Friday we had a lesson with the Su family and the Wu family, since they are both from Beijing and really young. The Su family was awesome and bore just awesome pure testimony about how the church has blessed their lives! They also went off topic and taught the Word of Wisdom for us. The Wu family wasn't too thrilled, but it is ok. They came to a baptism on Sunday! So that was good! After the Wu's we went to see the Yan's again. Elder Dyer put her on date! It was good to have a new person there to challenge her. I think she should get baptized on my Birthday! At night we saw Evelyn and Liu Yue we taught their 8 year old daughter Heidi about prayer. Her parents really helped. It was a really cool experience to see these two recent converts bear their testimony and help their child learn how to talk to Heavenly Father. She said the closing prayer and did really well! Saturday we went to the Chinese New Years celebration in downtown Riverside. --It is so sad that you get the two Chinese people right at New Years. It is like leaving your family on Christmas. Will they be here for the 18th/19th? Or will they go back before that? (We checked with our Taiwanese students, Kevin and David, and their parents are working. They will be back before the holiday and when parents are on holiday from work...just nice to be out of school while here)-- Anyways we went there. It was fun. Sunday was good. We went to church. I translated for Sister Chen again, but I messed up. It was pretty embarrassing. Afterward we helped Sister Xiong pull weeds. I know it is probably against the Sabbath, but Brother Xiong is out of town, and her heart is softening so we'll see! We went to a baptism after. The Wu's came so I was clear to go. Afterwards we saw Yuyi, and we walked around a lot. This week we also fixed Sister Terry's toilet. And it was just a good week, I am running out of time though. Elder Dyer is really cool. He has had a really cool life, I enjoy hearing about it. He is really easy to get along with. I am excited for this transfer!!! -Elder Murray

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