Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16 Week 80 - Testimony as answer to Religion/Brainwash question, Couple hides behind tree, Born Year of the Pig not Dog, DDM Meetings - Sister Pope from WXHS is still hilarious, Multi-Zone Conference

Ok well things are pretty good. I had a good Birthday yesterday. Elder Dyer made breakfast. He is a good chef. The package was great. I love the conference talks. Grandma Cahoon sent me coconut/chocolate covered almonds though which are addictive. I can't walk in the door without grabbing some. ;)


 Well Monday we had dinner then we got stood up by Tracy and Morgan so we just walked around trying to find some new people. We went back home with no luck. We actually had a couple hide from us. They hid behind a tree. We took the hint that they didn't want to talk, and let them be. :) It gave us a good laugh though. Tuesday we had our DDM meetings. It is fun. Sister Pope is still hilarious as ever.

Woods Cross High Orchestra Missionaries - Reunion in Riverside
(Michael Thompson, Dexter Murray, Kiersten Pope, Katie Cozzens

 After our meetings we had a good lunch at a Hawaiian place. In the afternoon... we tried to get Sister Yan interviewed for baptism. After dinner we made this invitation to give to investigators for the Chinese New Year's celebration the stake is putting on. I think it is pretty cool my birthday is usually right around Chinese New Year time. Brother Miao checked to see what animal year I am. I have always thought I was a pig, but since my birthday is so close, I could have been a dog. Turns out that year it was Feb. 10. So I am still a pig. They assure me that is the better option, but I still don't think so.


 Wednesday we had Multi-Zone conference. Thanks! It was a good conference. I enjoy President's training. I loved the talk Dad sent. It helped me feel the spirit. Anyways... after the conference we had English class. We had a bunch of Indian people showing up. It is weird since we speak only Chinese and English. Especially since they won't let us share anything about our religion with them. They are Hindu and Muslim. On Thursday we went to help the Chen's with some computer problems again. They made us a really good lunch. I love Taiwanese food! After that we got stood up some more. We found out that, Sister Wei who was super solid just moved to Irvine. The missionaries there are going to jump for joy. Oh well. She will be a great member there. After that we finished the invitation for the party, and at night we saw Liu Yue, and Evelyn and Heidi. Keep them in your prayers! Friday we went to do a presentation to a bunch of Chinese students visiting here. It was good. We get there. We speak Chinese, they freak out. Then they ask all about our religion and what the heck we are doing out here. This time they asked me "How do you know religion is real and not just some type of brainwashing (I've gotten this this question a lot, I think this is what the communists tell them religion is) Here is my answer. I will probably have to wait till after I die to know 100% for sure that this is real. As for right now, I have no way to use science or logic or reasoning or any other method to prove God is there. On the other hand, I also have no way to prove that He is not there or isn't real. I am just a 20 year old who hasn't even been to college yet. However, I do KNOW without a doubt that this belief system blesses my life. I know that when I pray, when I read scriptures, when I go to church, I feel something. I feel good, I feel peaceful, I feel happy. I know that it helps me to be a better person and improve and grow. I also know it doesn't just apply to me. I have seen so many people (the Miao's, the Jiang's, the Su's, Louis, Emma and Dong Fang, Shell, Shelly, Dave, Su, Brother Xiong, Evelyn.... I can't even name them all. I have seen that this really helps everyone no matter who they are. All these feelings and blessings lead me to choose to believe, and never give up my faith. I know Heavenly Father is there by a different way that I know I speak Chinese or I am sitting in a chair emailing you guys. I know by the Holy Ghost that these things are true. It is a different type of knowledge. I love you guys so much. Thanks for helping me develop my testimony. Ok sorry that was long, and I am running out of time.... ahh. Ok so at night we met with the Xiongs and the Jiangs. Sister Xiong agreed to be baptized before I got home!!! :) Brother Xiong is really making an effort to help her, and she and Sister Jiang are good friends. Also Brother Su's dad flew back from China. He almost got baptized last time, he agreed to let us teach him again!!!!!! Saturday was great. We had a great lesson with Lawrence and his wife. He is totally down to get baptized!! They came to church Sunday. The Miao's bore solid testimony, and Lawrence or Brother Pu I should say is feeling the spirit!!!!! He should be good. Lina is out of town right now. Hopefully she gets back soon! Ok well that is my week. -Elder Murray

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