Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feb 23 Week 81 - Elder Dyer is Good Missionary, 13 at Church, Service Tuesday, Sister Wei and Lina Baptism next Saturday, Brother Su, Sister Su Share about priesthood blessings, Pink Lemonade

Thanks grandpa cahoon for taking pictures (of Parker's Chinese performance)! I wish I could have been there. His teacher is so funny. I cannot believe she did all that. What a cool experience! Parker looks super shuai, in his Chinese outfit. This week was pretty good.  Elder Dyer is still really good. He is a good missionary. We are trying our best, and we are getting blessed. We had 13 people at church! New PR!!! Well on Monday we had a dinner with this guy that spent the whole time trying to convince us to do door to door sales after the mission. I had no idea how popular it was for returned missionaries to do. After that we went around trying to find people at parks, with no success. Usually parks are gold mines of new investigators, but not that day.

 Tuesday we had meetings then we did a lot of service. We took down someone's Christmas lights. We put up a trampoline, and then helped someone move it. Fun times. At night we went to see Brother Su's dad. He wasn't as solid as I thought.  He straight up told us he didn't want to be baptized. So we were like "Ok, can you pray everyday?" It took a lot of concern resolving to even get him to commit to that. We'll see. Extra prayers for him. He really is a nice guy. The Su's are such a cool family. On Sunday Sister Su shared about how when then hadn't even been baptized a year, she got really bad morning sickness. She asked Brother Su for a blessing, and after the blessing, she felt a lot better. Then she shared about how the same thing happened when their daughter was sick. It was a really cool testimony. Tuesday we also talked to Sister Wei.  So I can't remember if I put this in last week, but Sister Wei and Brother Wei moved to Irvine. So we called President. He called Irvine's president. They said that we should do the baptism here, but have her confirmed there.  So glad we got that all worked out. Wednesday we saw Lina, and taught the commandments. She accepted everything! It was a good lesson. Lina is super solid. She and Sister Wei's baptism are happening this Saturday! At night we had English class. Then we went back out to Lina's to meet her aunt that she is living with and eat some Chinese New Year's food. We made sure the Aunt was aware of everything and cool with it! She was, so everything should go smoothly this week! Thursday I was on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in an area they call  little mexico. It is very poor and very hispanic.  The Zone leader is a hard core UNC fan. Good thing Duke won this week!!!!! Actually he is a good guy. We had a good day there. But I am running out of time to tell the details. Friday Lawrence cancelled the appointment. His daughter is really sick. We had weekly planning and correlation with Brother Miao. Then we had English class. The sisters keep inviting non- Chinese people to it. So the sisters teach them, and we teach the Chinese. It works out. Then we saw the Xiongs. Sister Xiong sat in for a bit. She is slowly coming. Saturday saw sister Yan. She doesn't want to be baptized anymore. We also found a new investigator named Zhu. He is a really nice guy, and said maybe to the baptismal invite so we will see. At night we had the ward Chinese new year potluck at the Jiangs. So much good food. If you can find Elder Dyer's blog you can see pictures. It was so good!!! Sunday we had so many people come to church. We are working with a lot of cool people. I only talked about the top guys, but we are working with a lot of others. It is so fun. At night we saw Brother Su again. He is praying, and reading, and coming to church. He likes it, he believes it is true.

 Notable Quotables: Taco bell drive through. Elder Henderson: "I'll have pink lemonade." the lady must have thought he said what is pink lemonade because she said "umm it is like lemonade... but pink."

 ILY -Elder Murray

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