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Nov 17 Week 67 - Xiong Accepts Baptism, Winter and Norris, Yuyi, Li Bo wife calls, Brother Zhu, Lesson on Forever Families, Dong, Karon

This week was pretty good.  Monday after P-day we went out to see Brother Xiong, as we were about to go in we said a prayer. After the prayer 2 people walked by and we talked to them and they gave us their addresses.  It was awesome.  The lesson with Xiong was good.  We talked about baptism.  At first he said, "I am worried about not being able to come to church every Sunday."  (he is a realtor and often takes people to look at houses)  We told him that God knows our weaknesses and has a lot of patience with us.  Then he told us he wanted his wife to get baptized too.  So we told him about Brother Yu who got baptized first and then his wife noticed a difference in him so she got baptized too.  So he said ok!!!  He is on date for the 23rd.  He had his interview yesterday!  Thank you for all your prayers they worked!

After that lesson we went to see Winter; Norris (her bf) came and sat in too.  We read 2 Nephi 31 and answered the question why do we need to be baptized.  Our member that came with us was awesome and shared an experience where the Holy Ghost warned him.  It was all good, the spirit was there.  We invited her to set a date.  She said "well we need to get married"  then she looked at her bf.  There was an awkward silence.  It freaked out the member.  So he said "you don't HAVE to be married... you can just live together and not have a relationship."  If you didn't know that is totally not true.  So the next lesson we had to correct that.  I didn't want to correct the member right then and there.  Maybe we should've though.  I don't know.  

Tuesday we had ddm which was good.  Then we went and saw a less active that the first Chinese Elders baptized named Yuyi.  He is cool.  His parents are just really against him coming to church. Tough situation.  He still reads and prays everyday though.  We also met with Brother Zhu, he needed help calling his doctor.  We had a lesson after and invited him to baptism.  He said "I've been thinking about that!"  So he is probably our next focus.  He is super cool.  After dinner at home we went out to see some referrals from Brother Xiong.  He gave us a bunch of his neighbor's addresses!  One named Li Bo we had already seen and he rejected us.  When we pulled up, he and his fam were out front.  I hesitated but felt like we should at least say hi. So we did.  He blew us off again.  So we went and tried the other referrals with no luck.  Then we went to see some other people, and we got a call.  It was the wife of Li Bo.  She told us to come back and that she wanted to go to church!  It was super cool.  We had a good first lesson.  The didn't come to church yesterday though, and the husband told us not to come back till Jan.  We'll see what happens.  

Wednesday we saw Brother Zhu again.  We biked around a lot. We went to the very farthest edge of Eastvale where the newest houses are.  Chinese love new houses.  After Zhu we saw Winter and told her she still has to get married.  They don't want to get married any sooner though.  So she is just not progressing, keep her in your prayers.  We had a good full English class.  Then after class we visited a former family. They were very nice and welcomed us in.  He talked to us forever in English then the wife asked us to share spiritual things with her husband.  She is buddhist, but he is nothing so she said he needs religion.  It wasn't the perfect start to a lesson, we didn't have a lot of time.  I pulled out my wallet picture of you guys and we bore testimony about how families came be together forever, and that is why we do what we do.  We are here to help people have happier/eternal families.  At the end the husband said he was very moved, he said he did believe that after he died he could still be with his family.  They told us they aren't really interested in learning about our church, but want to practice English with us, hear some spiritual thoughts, and cook us some Chinese food.  We haven't really decided what we should do with them yet.  We are probably going to try to pick them up as investigators still.  

Thursday we had multi-zones.  It was a good time, it went till 4:00 though.  We had dinner with a retired military family that just got back from living in Korea for a year.  That was awesome.  Then we went and visited this potential named Karon.  We taught the first lesson. She had a lot of questions, but didn't accept a return appointment.  We also saw another former named Dong.  She knows all the members and has been to activities. 

Friday we did weekly planning.  We met Brother Zhu again.  He had read some stuff about Joseph Smith and polygamy.  We just bore hard testimony that we is a prophet, and that we know this by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  I think it will all be ok.  We had another good English class.  More and more people come.  We had Sister Xiong come!  Hopefully we can slowly get her to take the lessons.  After we helped the Chinese members clean the church.  

Saturday we went to Chino to see the Chen Long family.  We took the young men's leader in that ward with us.  We invited them to take their oldest so to mutual.  They seemed interested.  Especially when I told them it would look good on resumes.  They aren't reading or praying, or coming to church.  Which makes things hard.  Afternoon we had a ward bbq for the Chinese.  It was really good; we had a lot of investigators show up.  We stayed for a while.  It started late and then we had a bunch of investigators and a member asked us to help synch her phone to her car.  So we spent a while there.  After we finished there we went to Tracy and Morgan's.  Tracy... we can't figure her out.  She also saw the stuff about J.S. and a neighbor is giving them anti.  Pray for her too!  It worked for Xiong!  At night we finally saw Evelyn.  She is solid.  

Sunday we had primary program.  I always have to fight tears when they sing families can be together forever.  It gets me every time.  Evelyn and Xiong both passed their baptismal interviews!!!  Then we walked around a lot and talked with grumpy white people in their garages.  That was the gist of our night.  I hate it when you have nothing to do.  They really discourage tracting here.  So we just walk around or bike and talk with whoever is on the street.  I always worry "What else can I do that would be more effective."  I don't know.  Any tips.  Dad what did you do when you had nothing to do?  

-ELder Murray

Notable Quotable:  We had dinner with a mexican family.  The mom said "all my white friends, I ask them what they are doing for dinner and usually they say, I don't know maybe cereal. I can't believe that!  Also I see lots of kid come to school with sandwhiches.... everyday and I just think those poor babies"  This has to be read in a spanish accent.  Then she asked what I like that my mom made.  I said biscuits and gravy... she asked "does your mom make them from a can?".  I told her no and she seemed impressed.  I got your back mom! 

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