Friday, December 12, 2014

Dec 1 Week 69 - Always listen to Mom...She looks like Eve, Members are Key-Sister Ziong, Goodbye to Older Member headed to Chino, Turkey Bowl Touchdown and Katey's Thanksgiving dinner with Tarro Ice Cream, He is the Gift, Biking and more Biking

Oh, but first I need to ask a question, and you might think I am being silly, but I am serious!  Mom... did you ever play Eve in a church film?  Because I saw a 10 min clip called Between Heaven and Earth, it is a thing about temples that the church put on.  It has a scene that shows Adam and Eve kneeling at an alter.  If it isn't you, it looks really really similar to you.  If it isn't you, you should look it up.  I need to know if I am crazy or not.  

Ok well last week after emailing I got a haircut.  I asked the lady if she had talked to missionaries before.  She said "Ya, I told them to kick rocks."  I decided it would be best not to make her angry while she was cutting my hair so I changed the topic.  She told me the best way to do my hair is let the front grow longer and just comb it to the side.  I wanted to go short, but she said it would look silly if she did it like that.  Glad you liked it.  I noticed that is basically what Conner is doing, which made me think, "Mom probably told me to cut me hair like this before, but I didn't listen."  ALWAYS LISTEN TO MOM.  I am serious.  Every time I don't take mom's advice, I always end up wishing I had listened to her before.  I am not joking.  
Ok well that night we had a lesson with Nancy and Howard.  We taught the first lesson, it went good.   Then we invited them to read and pray, and they said they just wanted to take it slow.  We need to bring members.  MEMBERS ARE KEY TO HELPING INVESTIGATORS WITH WHATEVER PROBLEM. Remember that.
 Tuesday we had DDM.   We saw Brother Xiong, and invited sister Xiong to meet with us too. She rejected it.  Again the plan is to bring Sisters to fellowship her.  She isn't that interested right now, so we will just try to get her a lot of friends.  We also had a lesson with the guys whose wife was really rude to us.  It was good, but he didn't accept a return appointment, bummer.  We also went to Chino to see a referral, and the referral's neighbor who said we should come back. Turns out they aren't interested now.  One just slammed the door on us.  Bummer.
Wednesday was good.  We did a lot of biking.  We saw an old less active member, who is going back to Chino till he passes away.  It was sad to see him go.  He thanked us for helping him go back to church, and come closer to Heavenly Father.   At night we had English class.  Which Sister Xiong still comes too!  We also had a lesson with Brother Zhu.  His in laws are in town so it is hard to meet with him now.  We also saw the Dengs!  The husband is really inactive and the wife is unbaptized.   We visited and shared about prayer and invited them to church.  It was good to finally get them both to sit down with us finally. They are super nice.  We also tried to give the receipts for our turkeys away.  But they didn't go get them.  So we got a call at night; Sister Teng, got them for us and said we could pick them up on Sun.  
Thursday, so relaxing.  We played Turkey bowl.  I suck, but some how I managed to score a touch down once.  Lots of dropped balls too though.  We basically just hung out with the other missionaries at our apt all day.  We played board games, and talked.  Katey's dinner was really good.  She gave us Tarro ice cream for dessert.  

At night we went to the chapel and played soccer with everyone in the gym.  Fun times.  
Friday we had a training on the new He is the Gift initiative.  I like the little film, and the cards are easy to hand out and had good conversation starters for talking with people.  Friday we biked around talking to people on the streets a lot.  It is exactly what President said we should do.  I like it.  I think it is a lot of fun to ride around.   At night we had dinner with the Chens.  I really like Chinese food.  Yes I do get the tomato scrabbled eggs.  I make it too.  Really good.   At night we got a lucky member present, Brother Yu had a friend over from San Diego.  He was really cool, we have to give him to the missionaries over there!
Saturday again a lot of biking.  We had a good lesson with a recent convert named Selina.  We also had a lesson on the Holy Ghost with Evelyn.  That was good.  Then we saw some super cool active members named the Su's.  I'll have to write about them sometime.  
Sunday was good.  Xiong got confirmed and... ok I am almost out of time..... so really quick.  For Christmas package, I wanted some more pics from this year of you guys.  It doesn't have to be another book though.  That is all.  I AM SO excited to talk to you all too! 

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