Friday, December 12, 2014

Dec 9 Week 70 - Morgan (Tracy not there), Mr. Kreuger's Christmas with Winter, Yipee! - Gratitude for reading Bat and Cat, Brother Zhu, Numb Hot Fragant Pot with Su's, Evelyn, Nora, Chen Long, Cool but busy Jack Wang, Wendy Zu won't pray, Ward Christmas Party - see Louis, Emma, Dong Fang; Sister Teng comes to church

Monday we had a great lesson with Sister Teng, we taught English at the beginning and then had Sister Zhang come.  She committed to coming to church. 

Tuesday we had a lot of rain.  We had nothing to do.  So we just walked around trying to talk to people, but not lots of people out at the time.  We just got super wet.  At night we brought two members to see Tracy, but she wasn't there so we had a lesson with Morgan, that was good.  

Wednesday we did some service by helping clean up an older member couples yard, until it started raining again.  We saw Winter and watched Mr Kreuger's Christmas, because on exchanges our Zone Leader said we could watch a movie with her.  So I made sure I got the shortest one.  We also met with a cool recent convert named Cheryl.  We committed her to showing her husband "He is the Gift."  He hasn't been receptive to missionaries at all.  English class I helped this old guy learn the ABCs and the helped him read Bat and Cat.  He was super excited and stood up and said "yipee!  I am improving!"  It was funny.  It felt good to have someone be so grateful for our help.  At night we met with Brother Zhu and Miao.  He doesn't have faith in Christ yet, but he hasn't been reading or praying, so that is the problem there.  

Thursday we had weekly planning and correlation.  We had dinner with the Su family, they mad "numb hot fragrant pot"  that is how it is directly translated.  It is so good.  Then we saw Evelyn!  She is doing good, and got the Holy Ghost on Sunday!  We also saw Brother Xiong and his tenant that he brought to see the church last week.  Brother Xiong talked a lot.  It was ok though.  I hope we can help him.  Sister Xiong asked us to meet with her to help with English, I said ok, but we will share the gospel too.  She didn't seem too excited about that, but we'll see.  

Friday we had a good ZDM.  Afterward all the Elders went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  I hated it, the food was gross and they all just watched TV the whole time, and it took an extra 30 minutes.  We biked around and talked to a lot of people including a former potential named Nora that Elder yeung and I tracted into.  She has friends in Irvine that are members.  So hopefully we can get her as a new investigator.  English class was ok, after we had a lesson with a super cool, but way too busy investigator named  Jack Wang.  We had it at Brother Miao's house.  It was good, but he is too busy to be a progressing investigator.  He wouldn't set a return appointment.  

Saturday we brought a Chinese member from Chino to see Chen long and her family.   After we went to the sisters' baptism and brother zhu came.  I translated for him.  We saw president there.  We also taught Wendy Xu in Corona.  She won't pray, so there isn't much we can do.  At night we had the ward Christmas party.  It was really good.  Louis and Emma and Dong Fang came.  It was really nice to see them again.  At night we saw Tracy and Winter at Winter's house.  They kept changing the topic and not wanting to talk about "the mormon"  and said that we explain it bad.   

Sunday we only had Sister Teng come to church.  I translated the Su's tithing settlement after church, we taught Sister Teng and tried to invite her to baptism.  She said no, because she has to go back and thank all the Chinese God's for all they have done for her.  So she is farther from baptism than I thought... bummer.  

Ok that is the week.  I need some extra prayers this week. Pray that we will get some sweet new investigators!  
-Elder Murray

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