Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15 Week 71 - New Investigator opportunities, Sister Zhang, Tracy and Morgan, Choir practice, Pressure makes diamonds - Brother Zhu, Evelyn and Liu Yue expecting!, Testimony of sealings

THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!  Our apartment looks great! The toffee bars were devoured in short order. I have a giant canker sore... it is huge!  I have been trying not to eat sour, spicy, or sweet because it hurts so bad, so I am saving the caramels. Also good news I am not transferring and neither is Elder Merriman!!!!  Elder Schoonmaker is with Dyer in University Heights!  So I get to spend Christmas at Eastvale!  So thankful!  We saw Elder Heaton this morning to say goodbye!  He was the happiest I have ever seen him.  It was fun to be together with all the Chinese missionaries (I got it approved by the AP's.)  

This week was good we had a lesson with Cheryl Zhang (a recent convert of about a year)  at a donut shop as her husband isn't really supportive of church stuff.  While we were there this old Chinese comes up and asks where the church is; we told him, got his number, and set up  a return appointment, turns out he is more interested in learning English from us than anything, but oh well.  Cool little experience and we got a member present from it!  At night we took an older Chinese member to see Tracy and Morgan.  It went very well.  Tracy is doing ok, but she won't read or pray.  I asked if we could suggest a chapter, she said no.... so I don't know really how to work with her.  Just keep being nice I guess. 

Tuesday we had meetings at Wendy's. I talked to and got number of this really nice family that wanted to move to Eastvale.  I was excited about them, but they haven't responded yet...bummer.  At night we went with Tracy and Brother Zhu to the ward choir practice.  They enjoyed it.  

Wednesday we biked around a lot and tried to find people.  We found another cool family,  they said we can come back after Christmas so we will.  We had a good English class, and a really long lesson on praying to know if these things are true with Brother Zhu.  He finally said he'd do it.  He said he felt a lot of pressure.  I told him pressure makes diamonds.  He said but I am stone not coal.  We have a good relationship with him, but he just isn't asking.  

Thursday after planning we biked a lot again.  At night we saw Evelyn (she and liu yue are expecting!) and we finally got a lesson with the whole Xiong family and committed them to read the children's Book of Mormon together!  Then found out the Su's sister isn't coming to America anymore... such a bummer.  We also had a lesson with a new investigator named Yan who was referred by Sister deng!

Friday it rained a lot so instead of biking we walked.  The spanish sisters referred us to their neighbor.  We picked them up as investigators!  At night we taught a lesson to all the members and Brother Zhu.  It went really well!  We showed a video clip on eternal families and had Brother Jiang and Su share their testimonies of their sealings.  Brother Su said "even though my wife was fat from her pregnancy, she still looked more beautiful than on wedding day in China!"  Sister Su had mixed feelings from that comment.  

Saturday we biked again... that seems to be our new go to.  At night we saw Nancy and Howard and invited them to church, they might come this Sunday.  We need to get members to meet them!  Then we got a call from the Eastvale 2nd ward.  A Chinese family showed up at their Christmas party.  So we went, they were really cool.  We are going to see them this week.  They are another cool family!  

Sunday we missed standard because Brother Zhu didn't come to church.  We even stopped by his house at 8:30... he didn't like that... so hopefully he still meets with us.  Winter and Sister teng came!  After church we visited some other recent converts.  We also went to a park and got another cool potential named Phoebe, later that night we talked to her landlord by accident who called her and asked if she was interested, and she said she had already talked to us..  too cool!

Ok that is the week.  President isn't letting us have a full mission gathering, and making us work on Christmas Eve... we didn't last year... bummer... oh well.

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