Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21 Week 50 Jim and Mia Islamic couple, Charles, Annie and Johnny, Beaumont in Redlands mission Chinese student tourists, Li Rui, Daisy, Excuse me "sir", Rancho Cuc

Well this week we hit standard again.  Things are going good here.  It was a little bit cooler this week than it has been.  
Monday we met with the Islamic couple from Tibet again. (Jim and Mia)  They are super cool.  We have really been trying to emphasize the Book of Mormon, and gaining a testimony of it to know that Jesus Christ really is our Savior and Redeemer.  This week they came to church and they even came with us and all the other Chinese members on Saturday morning to clean the chapel.  They are awesome.  
Monday we also met with Charles.  He is doing well and came to church this week with his whole family this time!  They came late and missed Sacrament though.  He came to Chinese Sunday school, his wife went to nursery with their youngest son, and during priesthood he sat in with his daughter in primary.  This week Brother Jiang came with us to teach him and they got along really well.  We invited him to be baptized, he dodged the question.  He says he just hasn't felt the spirit that this church is Christ's church.  He is so ready to be baptized though.  Super golden.
Annie and Johnny update:  I got a hold of them once this week. They have guests in town and didn't have time to meet.  Hopefully this week we can get in again!
Tuesday we drove all the way to a place called Beaumont.  I guess in the Summer a bunch of members in the Redlands mission host a TON of Chinese students who just come to visit for 3 weeks.  I think a member is in charge of the program.  Anyway recently we have gotten a ton of calls to go meet them and share about the church.  We don't get any investigators from it because they all go back, but we try to help them have a good perspective of the church.  Tuesday was our first one.  It went ok.  They think it is super cool we speak Chinese, but then they start to ask a bunch of crazy questions.  We just shared about the Book of Mormon and invited them to find their answers by reading and praying about it.  Hopefully they do.
Wednesday we did some service for a Taiwanese couple.  We pulled a bunch of weeds.  We also did some planning because we didn't have any time to do it they rest of the week.  At night we had English class. We need some new people to come.  Oh and Li Rui took the English exam to go to BYU-I she off by one point!  So she is taking it again in October.  Then she will go to school, Elder Yeung thinks she might be a little put off by the cold weather. 
Thursday was Exchanges with the APs.  This time Elder Yeung left and Heaton and I stayed. We had a good day.  The AP was a little bit bummed he couldn't participate in lessons.  We met with Daisy.  We have to review a lot of stuff with her, but the member we brought with us talked a ton!  I think I only said two sentences.  

Oh on Thursday I also pulled a Brian Regan.  I said "Excuse me sir."  Turns out is was a woman.  She wasn't interested in the gospel.
Friday we used the list to try to go find new people.  We found a Mom and her son named Peter.  They are already attending a church in Diamond Bar.  They knew about us from a neighbor who comes to English class.  They invited us back!
Saturday after cleaning the Church we drove to Racho Cucamonga.  We went to see some Less Actives that live over there.  It was cool to go out of the mission, and see some new stuff.  The members we saw, were really nice, but not willing to come back.  We went to a Chinese market there to oym and eat dinner.   Rancho is a little poorer and has more Chinese than Eastvale.  Elder Yeung and Elder Heaton both said it has a lot of potential and we should try to grow the work over there more.  Saturday night we also finally got into the house of the family that got baptized in Idaho and had 7 kids.  They were really nice.  The dad still gets on to listen to conference.  We gave him a copy of the Ensign.  Hopefully we can get them to come back!
Sunday was good.  Not too much to report.  
I did get the flash cards!  They are awesome thank you so much!  The package was awesome.  Those beuno bars are the  
-ILY have a great week

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