Monday, July 21, 2014

July 7 Week 48 - Happy Fourth of July, New President, Henry, Charles, Annie and Johnny and Grandma, Zhu from gas station, Bro Jiang

Hello family!  Thanks for the new shoes!  I just used them this morning.  They are perfect!  OK just to get some stuff in before I forget.  When Elder Schoonmaker left he took all the cards with the characters,  so I need some cards, now I am just desperate.  So if they aren't Book of Mormon characters that is OK.  Right now I am just going through and writing my own flash cards, they look pretty crappy.  I think I left some cards under my bed, along with my Chinese stuff from high school.  If you could send that stuff it would be awesome!

Alright well this week was great!  We had 7 member present lessons and had 5 people at church. We worked pretty darn hard, and it payed off.  Morgan is on date for this Sunday!  He is doing good, his wife isn't.  She still has a lot of concerns, but won't pray because she feels that relying on herself is better.... Chinese people always say this.  

Tuesday we met with this guy from English class, we taught English for a while and then taught a lesson.  Looks like he isn't really interested in the gospel, but that is OK.  We will keep finding people.  Tuesday we also met with a recent convert that has gone less active because she broke her foot pretty badly while chasing a guy that stole her purse in China in high heels.  So hopefully once her foot heals, she and her husband will come back.  Tuesday we also met with Xiong.  He is really cool, we are going to try to put him on date this week!

Wednesday we met with Henry.  Henry is going to San Francisco in August so we really want to get him baptized.  He comes to church basically every week, but he just doesn't believe.  He reads and prays, but he just isn't feeling the spirit.  We will keep trying though!  

Thursday we met the new President!  He seems really awesome cool.  He is from Northern California, he is a CPA and he loves to scuba dive.  He and his wife were both really nice, I am sure they will do great.  Thursday we also met with Annie and Jonny.  They haven't been reading and praying!  However, their grandma that came with them has been, she read to 3 Nephi, and understands it!!!  She just hasn't prayed about it yet!  Crazy.  I am really bummed Annie and Johny aren't praying, reading, or coming to church.  (This week they slept in...)  We will keep on meeting with them and bring all the members of the whole ward over to meet with them!  One day it'll happen.

Friday was the 4th of July, but we had a really productive day.  We met with the old guy that we thought was homeless outside of the gas station last p-day (Zhu).  We brought a member that also speaks Cantonese.  Elder Heaton and I didn't participate too much in that lesson,  Elder Heaton actually fell asleep.  Then we met with a lady named Daisy.  She is super lonely, and bored.  She invited us over every week to study the bible/bom with her.  We invited her to be baptized if she knew the Book of Mormon was true, she said maybe.  So we will see.  Then we met with this young couple in University Heights.  The wife has been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and said that she has felt something.  She also accepted baptism, and they said they were going to come to church, but then they bailed..  Again, we'll keep trying :)
At night we had to be in at 7:30 and they allowed us to watch the "Other Side of Heaven"  it was fun, but I fell asleep in it.  I am becoming like mom.

Saturday was really not productive.  No one would set up, we went and tried to visit a ton of people, but no luck.  So we used that list with all the Chinese names to go try to find new people.  We also went to the Chinese market, but absolutely no luck.  Lots of angry people in the world.  At night we met with Tracy and Morgan. With Morgan we talked about the interview questions and modern day prophets.  Tracy we taught about prayer and she said she would try.  

Sunday we had Tracy and Morgan and Zhu come to the ward here in Eastvale.  Then in the University Heights ward Henry came and another guy named Derek.  He is a cool guy, but he says he just is curious to learn more.  Hopefully as he learns more he'll want to join :)  Sunday afternoon.  A Chinese member (Bro Jiang)  took us home teaching with him.  It was fun.  We went to go visit that family we found that had already been baptized in Idaho, that had 7 kids!  They weren't home.  We met with the wife of a member that went less active this past year to invite him back, but he was sleeping. Afterwards Bro Jiang offered to have us over tonight for dinner!

Phew that was a lot, but it was a good week.  

Notable Quotables: 
"We knew not."  -Elder Yeung after Elder Heaton asked him why he had done something.  I think Elder Yeung learned a lot of English from the scriptures because sometimes he says stuff like Nephi.  I am sure my Chinese is similar.

"This is the most handsome man ever!"  A 80 year old Chinese lady that lives with Morgan and Tracy after she saw a picture of Joseph Smith.

Love you guys!
-Elder Murray

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