Monday, July 21, 2014

June 23 - Week 46 Horse Tiger Tiger Week - Nora, Rialto, Schoonmaker goes English, Elder Reed, Yvonne baptismal interview, Lots of Finding

Well this week was what the Chinese would call horse horse tiger tiger.  I don't know why but for some reason that means it was just ok;  not amazing not awful, just a week.  

Wednesday we did some door knocking.  Elder Yeung got a list from a member of all the houses and the names of the people that own them.  So we go through and knock on the ones that are Chinese.  We have found some people.  We found a lady named Nora.  She used to live in Irvine and her neighbors where members of the church there.  She  invited us back!!  Excited to go see her this week.
Wednesday we also went out to Rialto to see two old people from Taiwan.  Some missionaries over in Rialto set it up for us.  They weren't really interested and we sort of offended them by not drinking their tea.  Oh well.  Wednesday night we met with a part member family.  The Dad was baptized when Elder Snyder was here.  His wife wasn't baptized so we are trying to work with the Dad to get him more active and get the wife baptized.  They really struggle with coming to church on Sunday.

Thursday was super slow.  We couldn't get in anywhere.   We did our weekly planning. and just drove around trying to find.  I really like going around and finding.  It is cool to talk to so many people.  Especially when they freak out when you speak Chinese to them.  It makes it fun.  Sometime they are still rude though.

Friday I went on exchanges again.  This time I went to another bike area with an Elder named Elder Reed.  I won't be surprised if he becomes A.P.   We biked around a lot trying to meet with anyone.  We met with a crazy guy that believes in UFOs and government conspiracies.  He was nice though.  I also got to do a baptismal interview with one of their investigators.  She was really cool.  Her name is Yvonne. She is a 70 year old woman, who was really sincerely just looking for more peace and help in her life. She got baptized yesterday. 

Saturday we did a lot of finding again.  We walked around in a Chinese supermarket's parking lot for 2 hours, but still no luck.  After dinner we went to a park and found a Chinese family with 7 kids!!!  They had joined the church in Idaho, but have been inactive for at least 2 years (when they moved here.)  Probably longer though.  We got their info and gave it to the ward council.  I really hope we can help them come back.  I know it will be such a huge help to their family.  Night time we had transfer calls.  This whole week Heaton and Schoonmaker left the area and Schoonmaker was with the other Zone Leaders, and Elder Heaton went with the OAs.   They put Elder Schoonmaker English speaking and put Elder Heaton with Elder Yeung and I in a three way companionship. I am determined to make it a good experience.  Especially because after Yeung goes home who knows what will happen.  They APs originally told me that president wanted to me to train the new guy, but now I don't know what will happen.  Heaton and Schoonmaker both think that Heaton will train and I will be back with Schoonmaker.  I would prefer to train the new guy but if that is what I gotta do I gotta do it.  

Ok well anyway that is my week!

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