Monday, July 21, 2014

June 30 Week 47 - New President Mullen, Tracy and Morgan, Charles, Annie and Johnny, Henry, How long?, Samoan RM and girlfriend, Gas station buddy

Well today is the day.  Right now Brother Smart is showing President Mullen around the mission, and in a few hours, the Smarts will be back in Utah.  They are in the Highland 13th ward.  What ward are grandma and grandpa in?  Crazy.  We get to meet the new president on Thursday.  I am excited and a little nervous.  

Anyway this week was really good.   Elder Heaton, Yeung, and I all get along well.  We have made a good team.  

At the beginning of the week we worked crazy hard to get all of our new area's investigators and potential investigators contacted.  We have some good people.  I will probably just spend most of the letter on them.

Tracy and Morgan:  A couple that was in Elder Heaton's area that is now combined with ours.  They are renting a room in a house of another recent convert in our ward.  I still don't know them too well, but they are really nice, and are willing to be baptized!  This week they went travelling in Utah and actually went to church yesterday in Elder Heaton's home ward.  How cool is that!  Not many missionaries have investigators attend church at their home ward.  We are meeting with them tonight, hopefully to get them on date!!!!  

Charles Xiong:  He is a dad that has been here in America for a while and was already baptized in another Christian church.  He explained he wasn't feeling like he was improving right now in his life.  We taught him the Restoration last week and gave him book of mormon to read.  He is already done with 1st Nephi, and he is praying to know that it is true!  He also came to church on Sunday and brought his kids.  I think he liked it, because he said he will be back next week.  Our next appointment with him is tomorrow!  He is a super cool guy.

Annie and Jonhny:  The people I oymed from the car.  They are still reading and praying, but still not recognizing their answer.  We had a lesson on feeling the Spirit on Saturday so hopefully that helped.  They have only come to church the one time.  Yesterday they were in Las Vegas.  The week before they were sick, and the week before that they were getting new furniture delivered.  We are going to plan better this week and get lots of members to come teach with us, and get them to come on Sunday!

Henry:  UCR student/Shell's friend.  We have been working with him forever.  He comes to church a lot!  We call him almost every night to remind him to read and pray.  He has said he has felt peace has he reads and prays, but still says he doesn't want to be baptized.  We think the concern is keeping the commandments, especially the Sabbath day.  He says he has to buy lunch after church because he is so hungry.  We are thinking of making a lunch to take to him.

Those are our top people we are working with.  There are some other people, but those are the main ones.   

On Tuesday we met with a family and the wife told me that she was pregnant.  I went to ask her when she was due, but half way through I realized I didn't know how to say "give birth."  So I just said "How long?"  She awkwardly said "One month."  I said "Wow!  It doesn't look like it at all!"  Then I realized she thought I was asking how long since they had conceived the child.  Awkward.  I apologized and explained the misunderstanding.  Oh well.

Sunday we had dinner with a Samoan RM and his Chinese girlfriend.  They have been dating for 2 years!  After dinner we taught about prayer and committed her to pray everyday.  We need to follow up to make sure she actually does. It I really hope we can help her get baptized, but she is super skeptical and is going back to China soon to vacation.  

I always have cool experiences talking to people on the street.  Last night I saw to people that totally looked Korean.  Trust me I have made the mistake enough times to know the difference.  I went and talked to them, they totally rejected me.  They were walking away, and I thought I might as well try, so I spoke some Chinese to them. They freaked out and ran back and after we shared more of our message, they agreed to come to English class.  I hope they do.

Also today.  We stopped to get gas on the way to basketball.  Anyway on the way in there was a old asian guy breaking down cardboard boxes outside as we were walking into pay.  Elder Yeung smiled and waved, and we started to walk in, but as I got the door I started to to talk to him.  We told him about what we do and he wanted to learn more we have a return appointment tomorrow!  As we were walking away he threw his fist up in the air with a smile and said "give me church!"  So hopefully that goes well!

Love you guys a ton!
-Elder Murray

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