Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 14 Week 49 - Morgan Baptism! Qiong Mang, Zhu gas station guy, Annie and Johny, Help inactive convert, Muslim with green eyes, Dead battery and Companion jokes

Hello again!  This week Morgan got baptized!

 It was great!  This week was what Chinese people call qiong mang.  It mean busy, but you don't feel like your being busy brought many results.

On Tuesday we met again with Zhu.  (The gas station guy.)  He was doing good, we were struggling to get him to even start praying though.  We also met with Henry.  Henry is still reading and praying and everything, he says he feels something.. sometimes.  Other times he will even say he believes a little bit.  However, every time we bring up baptism he says no.  The only reason he says is that he doesn't believe in God.  That night we also met with Morgan.  He really likes how the purpose of the gospel is to help us become better people.

Wednesday was crazy.  We went and cleaned a road early in the morning.  It is the community service we do in exchange for free use of a room for English class at the community center.  Not a bad deal.  When we got home we got a call from a girl that Elder Snyder and Yeung baptized right before I got here, but she went inactive.  She called us crying really hard and asked us to meet her at the institute.  When we got there the institute teacher had already taken care of everything.  She had been having some problems with some domestic violence.  The school counselors and cops all came to the institute and got everything worked out really well.  After that we went and met Annie and Johny.  They are not progressing, and they just got some friend from China in town, so they don't want to meet.  It makes me really sad.

Thursday we met with Li Rui's Dad.  He is really grateful for what the church has done for his daughter, and he knows he needs to repent he just isn't really willing to right now.  We tried to meet with Xiong, but he was too busy all this week.

Friday we tried to meet with Zhu again.  We called and he dropped us.  It was a real shock.  We don't even really know why.  He just dropped us.  Oh I forgot to add something.  On Monday last week, we went out and Elder Yeung took a wrong turn, and we saw 2 people from English class on the street.  We got out and said hi they invited us in and we had a lesson. The only hitch is they are musllim.  China has a small minority that immigrated from Turkey.  The wife has brown hair and green  eyes.  It is super weird.  We need to get permission from President if they start to progress and want to be baptized.  We made sure they weren't going back to China, and they both said they aren't super devout muslims.  So we will see.

Saturday was crazy we went on exchanges, so  I drove.  That night I was an idiot and left the keys in the ignition with the car turned off.  so in the morning the battery was dead. Luckily the apt complex office had this neat little jump start battery thing.  They rest of the day was pretty rough, lots of rejection and people not answering.  The white handbook says that weekends are excellent proselyting time... but so far I haven't had much luck.  

Sunday was the baptism!  YAY!

Recently I have started to play some jokes on my companion.  He caught a grass hopper one day.  One Elder  wanted to put it in a water bottle.  While the other Elder was holding it I said.  "Oh no it is getting into biting position."  He started to freak out, and yelled for the other Elder to hurry up.  I don't know if grasshoppers even bite, but it was funny to watch. 

Another day One Elder left his expensive electronic dictionary in the institute building.  I said "I heard they are having a convention for troubled youth tonight."  He didn't like that either.  

Love you guys have a great week!
-Elder Murray

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