Monday, August 25, 2014

Jul 28 Week 51 - New President, Permission to teach Muslims - Brother and Sister Mohammad, Henry heads to San Fran, Charles, Brother Ip

This week was pretty good.  I am extremely tired today.  We played soccer this morning.  It was pretty fun, I even scored a goal.  Let me know if you get the letter I sent this week, it was a little thick, and I wrote Utah instead of UT, hopefully it comes. 

Well Tuesday morning we had interviews with the President, mine went really good. The new president is a cool guy.  He has challenged all the missionaries to crossfit workout next p-day.  The only thing was with Jim and Mia.  Since they are Muslim we have a rule that we have to talk to President before we teach them.  Just to make sure they will be safe if they have to go back.  Well I texted President 2 weeks ago, but he didn't respond.  I figured he was busy, so I just asked the APs.  They said just to go ahead and teach them which is what we did.  Well president asked in the interview if we were teaching them.  I said yes, he said we had to stop.  I didn't throw the APs under the bus, but we stopped, and then got them interviewed by the 1st counselor in the presidency and they passed!  So we are legally teaching them now!

They are doing pretty good.  Jim has a lot of doubts.  Mia  (who grew up Muslim)  has no problems with believing in God, but her husband who converted Muslim is not so sure.  He is doing all the right things reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church and praying, but he isn't asking God if it is all true.  I am confident they will both receive their answers, if they ask, like we talked about last lesson.  They are super awesome still, I am excited to see if we can set a date with them this week!  On Saturday they cooked us some food from where she is from.  It was so good, the best was boiled peanuts and celery all together.  It is some sort of stir-fry.

Wednesday we met with Ema.  She is still on date for August 10th.  She told us she really wants to know if this is true, because she wants to improve and become better, and have help getting through hard times.  She is really sincere.  She came to church this Sunday again!  I translated sacrament for the first time this week.  This RM from India spoke, it was really cool, but a little hard to translate. 

Henry update:  He says he is really busy preparing to go to San Francisco so he can't meet... I am really bummed out. I tried my best with him.  I am really glad we got the chance to know him and share with him.  I asked for his address to give the San Fran missionaries.  He doesn't know it yet, but I will ask again!

Charles is still doing good.  He didn't come to church though.  We read Alma 32 with him this week and he really liked it.  I need to repent.  I think we haven't been bold enough about inviting him to baptism.  I guess I have just been worried about scaring him off, because he seems so golden, but I know that making a promise to God to keep his commandments and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is what he needs to do.  So this week I will be more bold.

Saturday was super hot.  This whole week was hot.   Anyway, we went and knocked on this door we have tried a billon times before.  (Elder Yeung had talked to a family that owned the house before) I went and knocked on the door, and turns out the family moved, but the guy that lives there now is also Chinese, and I had also OYMed him 2 weeks before, but he hadn't given me his number.  He told us that the day before he texted his ex-girlfriend (who he was with when I oymed him) because she had the card I had given them.  He was super nice.  We went in, had a quick lesson, and he came to church the next day... but that is not all.  He also already knows Morgan (the guys who just got baptized.) 
On Saturday we also had Tracy and Morgan teach the Plan of Salvation to us.  It was really good.  They learned a lot.  Tracy prayed for help finding a house to rent this week, and found some good stuff.  Her faith is growing slowly but surely.

Sunday was also good.  We visited this really awesome less active guy that has been a member 20 years in an English ward and didn't know about the Chinese ward.  We went with his former bishop and said we need his help to strengthen our little group.  He agreed to come.  He has an awesome testimony and is super familiar with how the church works.  His name is Brother Ip.  His wife passed away a few years ago, and he really misses her. 

Oh I forgot.  Turns out that Jim and Mia's last name in Chinese actually means Mohammad.  So we are teaching a brother and sister Mohammad. 

Elder Murray 

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