Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 25 Week 55 - Christy and Emma doing great, Dong Fang investigates, Jay already member, Chinese Hunt, Uncle Chuangs' hot chocolate

Well we had another good week!

Tuesday this week we meet with Christy.  She is doing great!  She said she feels really good after her baptism and she got confirmed just yesterday!  Awesome!  We taught her lesson 5 so her teaching record is all filled out now!  Tuesday we also picked up a former from when Heaton and I were together.  Her name is Rainy.  She has a really cute 2 year old named Do Do.  We met with her again and tried our best to teach the Plan of Salvation to her.  She kept getting a little distracted watching her kid, but it was ok in the end.  She came to church yesterday!  She's is going back to China for a while though so we won't see her till end of September.  Tuesday night we went Chinese hunting on a street close to campus.  If you guys ever find yourself in a situation like me where your whole purpose is to find Chinese people here is how you "Chinese Hunt."  Talk to all the Asians... 8 times out of 10 they are Chinese.  (However always ask if they are Chinese first -don't just start speaking Chinese to them.)  Next you can look for a couple clues to know where they live.  Shoes outside the door, a mop or broom leaning against the wall, potted plants, leftover Chinese new year decorations, also really poorly taken care of lawns are all pretty good indicators.)  

The hunt turned out to be a success,  We got a lesson with this group of Chinese guys living in one house.  We haven't been able to get back in with them though.  We also met this lady named Jay.  She was super nice and invited us back.  

Wednesday it rained... a lot.  All of our appointments cancelled.  Everyone that we contacted told us to go inside, but we stayed out.  It was a pretty cool storm!  It was a little cold though.  We were pretty wet, muddy, and cold.  I took Elder Merriman to Uncle Chuang's and got some Chinese desserts and hot chocolate.  I think he liked it.  We changed our clothes and went back to try to have English class.  No one showed up.  So we went Chinese hunting again.  No luck.

Thursday was a lot better.  We went to Jay's house.  Turned out she was already baptized in 2000.  She was super excited to tell us.  So we just practiced re-teaching her the first lesson, and gave her a version of the 2010 translation of the Book of Mormon.  She enjoyed it and said, that she needed to end her own apostasy.  She came to church on Sunday and made some friends with the people.  She is going back to her home town in 1000 Oaks CA, but we committed her to going back to church there.  I hope she will.  Thursday we also met with another former named Frank.  He was super cool.  Elder Yeung oymed him.  We put him on date for September 21.  Hopefully everything goes well.  He is really cool.  We also met with another former named Kenny.  He isn't so solid, but it was nice to see him again.  

Friday we met with Frank again and read the Book of Mormon.  We also met with Emma and Dong Fang again.  He has been reading, and praying, but hasn't been asking about the Book of Mormon.  We invited him to set a baptismal goal.  He said no.  I backed off.  I should have been more bold and tried to resolve his concern, but I chickened out.   It will be harder to set a date now.  He did come to church for the first time on Sunday though.  Friday night we also taught a family that just moved here.  They were really nice and impressed with our Chinese, but after we taught the first lesson, they said they were too busy to read the Book of Mormon or pray.  So they aren't super solid yet.  They said we could come back, so maybe when we go back we will just read with them.  

Saturday was good.  We met with Jay again to practice Chinese.  She actually called and scheduled us.  We also met with a former investigator's boyfriend visiting from Spain.  He was cool, and made me want to go visit Spain.  He also wasn't too keen about reading the Book of Mormon.  We also met with Emma again.  After dinner we went to family housing again to Chinese hunt.  We knocked on a Brazillian family's house by mistake.  The wife rejected us, but then as we were about to bike away, the dad came out.  Talked to us for a while and invited us back for chocolate cake in an hour.  I called the English speaking Elders and they came down.  We split up and Elder Merriman and one English went to the Brazillian guy's house and I went around Chinese hunting with the other.  We talked to a white couple for a while that always waves to us and is super nice.  They are from the mid-west, but went to China on a study abroad trip.  They have a few member co-workers.  They are awesome and would make great members, but when I asked if they wanted to meet some members in the neighborhood they said no, but they said we could stop by anytime.  So  I will pass them off to the English guys and see how it goes. We also got a lot of other good potentials that night.  Lots of people had arrived recently, so they are starting to come!

 Sunday was good.  Dong Fang came.  Also this other Lady that the car chinese missionaries found.  I gave a talk in another ward and told them to keep an eye out for Chinese speakers for us to teach.  At night we meet with Dong Fang and Emma again.  He still hadn't prayed about the Book of Mormon, because he hadn't found a good quiet time.  We committed him to find a time and pray.  He know's how to recognize his answer.  We also taught about the atonement.  We read the pamphlet and I tried to explain it.  He was still a little confused.  We asked Emma to help.  She explained it perfectly.  It was so cool.  Dong Fang got it and said.  "I think this is really good, if more people thought like  this the world would be better."   I am really praying for them. 
Today was good.  Basketball was fun.  Elder Merriman is good.   His Chinese is getting better too.  I am so glad to get to be comps with him.
-Elder Murray

Oh I can't remember if I sen this but when Elder Heaton  was telling Emma about how baptisms work, he tried to say afterward you wear your normal clothes again, but he accidently said one half of your clothes....  awkward

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