Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 4 Week 52 - Hao de xinxi - Good News - Elder Dyer and Elder Merriman coming next week, Jim and Mia, Annie and Johhny, Xiong, Christy Baptism planned, Lots of Farewell Dinners for Elder Yeung

Hao de xinxi means good news!!!!!!   President called me today, after receiving an e-mail from Elder Heaton.  He asked me to get the message through to Elder Heaton that we will not be in a trio next transfer.  :)  I am pretty happy honestly.  Also other good news.  Both Elder Merriman from Utah, and Elder Dyer from Shang Hai are coming next week!!!  So sounds like Elder Heaton and I will both be training.  

This week was not the best.  You can read more about what happened after the temple on Tuesday in my handwritten letter.  It was not cool.  

Wednesday I went on exchanges with an Elder in our Zone.  He was a funny guy from Canada.  He really likes Britain.  He spent the whole day telling me about the Common Wealth healthcare system and their secret service called "SAS or SES"  I can't remember.  It was interesting.  I enjoyed learning about it.  The only thing was he whispered as he told me about it,  probably so other Americans don't hear.  It was a long day, we did a lot of walking.

Thursday we had a really long MLC with all the Zone Leaders the STL's and the president.  It was good.  He cracked down on some things like calling our investigators Brother and Sister, and directly going over the baptismal interview questions with our investigators.  Some missionaries were a little angry and argued with him about it.  We also talked a lot about how our mission has a lot of old missionaries that are dying soon, and that they are getting sort of lazy.   Like sleep in all day lazy.

Afterward we had weekly planning, that went ok not the best.  Then we saw Jim and Mia.  They are doing ok.  Jim still feels like he hasn't gotten an answer that the Book of Mormon is true at first I was a little worried, but yesterday I saw another family in our ward's teaching record.  They took 2 years to get an answer and now they are super active awesome family.  So I know that we just have to keep working with them and bring members with us and eventually it will all work out.  Same with Annie and Johnny.. although Annie recently had surgery.  Hope we can see them again this week.  

Dex, Elder Yeung, Jim and Mia Mohammed

Our one guy that we found miraculously has disappeared.  I can't get a hold of him.  Tuesday I asked him if we could come by. I got one response, but the text was blank.  I figured it was probably ok to go stop by, but then this whole crazy thing happened on Tuesday.. so we didn't go over.  Now he isn't responding at all and won't answer the door.  So I am pretty sad about that.  We are trying again tonight.  

Thursday we also saw Xiong.  He is doing really good.  We brought up baptism and the Holy Ghost again.  He was still a little hesitant.   I think bringing more members will help a lot.  He dodges the question every time we bring it up.

Friday we did another one of those presentations to exchange students and then we had ZDM.  It went pretty well.  My Zone chowed down on the jelly beans Grandma Cahoon sent.  I loved the 1/2 package.  It was super good.  Also I got Maren and Matt's wedding invite.  Congrats to them!!!!

Friday we also met with Christy.  She is back from China and ready to be baptized.  She is on date for Saturday.  The same as Emma!  Emma is doing great. We met with her on Friday too.  She recognizes the spirit!  She has come to church 3 weeks in a row now!  Awesome!   

Saturday we cleaned up the road again for service project.  We had lunch with the Changs, a family in our ward.  It is so nice being with Elder Yeung right now. Everyone wants to have him over for a final dinner or lunch and Elder Heaton and I get to tag along.  Today we got sushi.  Pretty good, but not my favorite.  Saturday we also met with Emma. We had a good lesson on the Atonement and repentance.  After wards we went and OYMed a lot and taught Jim and Mia at another member's house. His testimony I think really helped Jim. 

Sunday was also a good day. It finally rained here, which hasn't' happened in forever.  Church was really good.  We had a full house.  Pretty much every Chinese member showed up!  We also took brother Miao, our ward mission leader, to eat dinner with the old Taiwanese Changs in Riverside.  They became good friends.  Hopefully they will come and see how church is.  They are really into their own Christian church.

Well I guess this week was just hard because I felt like we didn't get as much work done as we should have.  I am worried I didn't work as effectively or planned as well as I could have.  Also with all the crazy meetings Chinese study kind of took a back seat.  I still would try to study in the car, but it wasn't as good.  I worry that I haven't been getting my Chinese up to where it needs to be.  I am trying, but I will try harder.  I really am going to be better this week.  


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