Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 11 Week 53 - Headed back to UCR

Here is how it all went down.  On Saturday morning we got our leadership calls.  (when they call to let you know what calling you have next transfer.)  President called me as a trainer and as a district leader.  Elder Heaton got called as a district leader.   He figured that he would be put into UCR area with an English speaking missionary.  He was lamenting over the fact that it will be a while till students come back, and that he would probably not do Chinese work.  I told him it would be fine and I am sure it would all work out.  
Elder Heaton texted president.   At about 2:00 president calls and asks to speak to Elder Heaton.   About 5 minutes later he comes out super happy.  President told him he wasn't going English speaking, in fact he is staying in Eastvale and I am going back to UCR.....  Elder Heaton's new companion will be an English Elder named Elder Huggie.  I lived with him back when I was at UCR.  He bought a Chinese Book of Mormon a couple of months ago and has been begging to go Chinese speaking.  So that is who is coming to Eastvale with Elder Heaton.  

I am a little upset.  I feel like I have already more than served my time there.  I am sad to leave this place where there is actual Chinese ward members. School doesn't start for another couple weeks so I don't know how many people we can find.   I am worried about my and the new guys Chinese.  


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