Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sept 2 Week 56 - Dong Fang accepts, Rainy and Zong Family drop, Xiu Hang, Pizza Shop Group, 4am Hike, Jay, Christy Move

Monday was sweet!  We had a lesson with this super cool guy I talked to in the family housing area.  (This place that used to be army housing, but now they rent to student families.)  His name is Andrew Zhang.  When I first talked to him he told me he had been thinking about becoming a Christian that morning.  We had a good first lesson with him and he accepted the invite to baptism if he felt that it was true.  We got a return appointment for Friday.

Tuesday was awesome!  We had a lesson with Dong Fang and Emma at our ward mission leader's house.  We taught about baptism and why it was important.  We bore testimony of how through baptism they could have an eternal family.  Elder Merriman was awesome and when I looked to him to say something, he just invited him to baptism again and he accepted!  We got him on date for after he graduates October 12th.  Thanks for your prayers.  They worked!  Also we met with another cool oym named Louis.  He just got here with his family to study at UCR.  He was really interested in religion.  

Wednesday things got a little hard. We went to go see the Zong family.  They dropped us hard.  All because they are members of the communist party and they said "we can believe in nothing but them."  It was so sad,  We really just bore solid testimony that these things are true, that God is real, and that this gospel will help their family more than anything.  They still said no thanks.  We also got dropped by Rainy.  She is going to China the 19th of September and said she was too busy to meet.  Also we went by that Liu guy that I talked about last week.  He was pretty annoyed that we stopped by and they said they'd just contact us.
In the afternoon we met with Xiu Huang (the lady in Moreno Valley that came to church.)  She can't read, but she has super strong faith in Christ.  I might've gone too fast.  I invited her to be re-baptized by someone holding authority without really explaining the apostasy or restoration very well.  She said she needs to think about it.  It is hard because she can't read the Book of Mormon.  She had her husband read it to her, and they read the part where Jesus gives the sermon on the mount.  So the next time she was like "This is just the bible with a different name."  She came to church again this week.  We are planning on showing her the restoration video today.  Hopefully that will help.  At night we had English class.  People actually came.  They were just 6 high school students that we met when some members who owned a pizza shop invited us to come in and talk to a group they were hosting. (their supervisor sent me an email he was really nice) They were really nice.  I think a lot of them were touched by our lesson on prayer at the end.  They were all really quiet and asked good questions.  One even said she wanted to get baptized.  Too bad she left to NJ to go to high school.  Another one is going to Idaho for school.  He will probably meet the church there.  

Thursday we met with Shell and Alina.  They are both doing ok.  Both skipped church this Sunday though.  We met with Jay/wen xun.  The less active lady that we found.  She is really nice and tried to give us a time when we could "run in to" her son on campus and talk to him.  We missed him though.  She went back home for the weekend and isn't sure if she is coming back though.  

Friday was rough,  No one could set up.  It was really hot too.  We spent hours just walking around this little shopping center thing next to campus, the place where Uncle Chuang's is.  Frank and the other guy we wanted to meet with cancelled.  It was a bummer.  At night we helped Christy move with Bro Caldwell.  Then we had an awesome English class; people came again!  It was awesome.  This coupled named Sammy and Jack came and during the spiritual thought they asked to buy a copy of the Book of Mormon from us.  We gave them one, and got their number.  Haven't been able to make contact so far, but we will keep trying.  Hopefully they come to class tomorrow.  

Saturday we went on exchanges with the ZL's.  I stayed in the area.  It was another hot day.  We had 3 lessons with Kenny, who dropped  us yesterday.  Xiu Huang, and Emma and Dong Fang.  We had to spend a lot of time outside trying to talk to grumpy people and hanging up English class signs.  Dong Fang said he can't make it to church every week he is so busy with work.  I asked him after baptism if he could.  He said maybe.  So we need to work with him on that.  He didn't come to church the next day.  Again I got worried about offending him.  I still need to work on being bold.  Also I tried to teach in English with my Zone Leader there.  I think I do better in Chinese.  I was basically just translating everything I wanted to say, back from Chinese into English.  It sort of came out funny.

Sunday was ok.  I sent Elder Merriman to ward council.  There was 1 hr 15 min before church.  I didn't know what to do with the time.  So I just did extra language study.  Next week I will plan something to do with the other missionaries, while my comp is in council.  At church we had Louis, Frank, and Huang Xiu.  It was good to see them.  After church we did studies and went to the Woolf's for dinner.  I love them.  They remind me of you guys.  Right now they are in a doctor who phase.  They like everything you guys like.  At night we tried to go visit this referral up in the hills that didn't answer, then we went Chinese hunting.  Got some white people who's houses sort of look Asian angry and they went and Oymed in the university village shopping center... again.  There aren't really a lot of Chinese right now. It is super hard to find.  

Monday.  Our whole zone got up at 4:00 to hike a mountain and watch the Sunrise.  I thought it was fun, but now all the missionaries are worried that President will be mad.  I hope it will be ok.  I didn't think it was disobedient, but maybe it is.  If he gets mad I guess I'll just say sorry and not do it again.  At night we met with Louis again.  He rejected a date, but is still willing to get baptized if he feels it is true.  He is an awesome guy.  

Today we helped some people in our apt complex move.  Have good week.  Dex

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