Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 15 Week 58 - Still HOT, Dong Fang, Alan, Shelly in Elder Simmons ward, Lost Korean Student, Louis, Jim Baptism

I am dying reading all of your letters about being in sweats and taking walks in the brisk fall air.  It is HOT here.  I think this is the hottest it has been the whole Summer.  Hopefully it gets a little nicer in the next few weeks.  Alright well this week has sort of been a blur. 

Monday night we met with Dong Fang.  We read the Book of Mormon with him since he hadn't been reading the last couple of days.  Then we gave him the Word of Wisdom pamphlet to prepare for the next lesson.  He wasn't too thrilled with it. 

Tuesday was rough. No one could set up to meet.   We had DDM and then just went out to look for people without a lot of success.  That is basically what we did all day.  We just bike around areas where Chinese people might be, and try to talk to everyone we can.  It is tiring, but also fun.

Wednesday we had a trainer trainee meeting.  It was fun, but I don't really know why we had it.  It was probably mostly for the trainees.  We split up and they met with President while we met with the AP's.  They put in a District video for us and left.  Then came back and realized they had put in the wrong video.  Oh well.  After the meeting we met with Shell.  She is still doing good.

We also saw wen xun, she referred her son to us.  He doesn't speak Chinese though. Darn.  At night no one came to English class so we went and visited this potential named Alan.  He is really cool.  He has been in the US since he was 9.  He knows about the Church from when he lived in Hacienda Heights.  Speaking of that, it is the ward that Shelly is now attending, and guess what?!  Elder Simmons from the MTC is serving there.  Small world.  Alan was cool, but we might have to give him to English too.  He understands things better in English than Chinese.  

Thursday I set up an interview with President.  President told me he is thinking that he is going to move Merriman and I to Eastvale.  I have mixed feelings, because I really love the investigators we have right now, but at the same time, I really want to be with the ward over there.  I have been at UCR a long time.  Thursday night we met with this family that I have oymed a lot, but they always rejected me.  Finally they set up.  Tomorrow they are going to SLC to see the temple, and they to Yellowstone.  They were really nice and talked forever.  We committed them to read and pray and be baptized if they knew it was true.  They are coming back to Riverside Sept. 28.  so we will see them when they get back!

Thursday we met with Emma,  Dong Fang was going to come, but he cancelled.  Emma said that she really wants Dong Fang not to drink, and that she will thank us if we could get him to stop.  

Friday we got our new English class sign.  It looks really good.  We met with Li Rui for the first time this transfer so she could help us write a smaller sign to put out on Wednesdays and Fridays so people see that it is happening that night.  We also talked to her about doing family history, hoping they have Chinese records.  She also asked us a lot of questions about BYU I dress code.  She is hoping to go up in Dec,  Then we went to find.  We ending up helping this lost Korean student find her apartment.  She was going the totally wrong way into the more sketchy area next to the school.  We saw Wen Xun's son that day.  He was a little awkward, but he was nice and agreed to meeting with missionaries when he starts school again in Oct.  At night we had English class and this guy we talked to 2 weeks ago came.  His name is Francis Deng.  He liked the spiritual thought and we set up for the next day.

Saturday was super hot.  We had a good day though.  We met with Francis, he said that he had prayed the night before for the first time and felt really peaceful.. We taught the first lesson.  At 3:00 I was going to Jim's (the muslim from Eastvale) baptism.

  So I invited Francis to come.  He came the baptism was really good and afterward Francis told me he started to cry during one of the talks.  He came to church yesterday too!  Pretty awesome!  At night we went to meet Dong Fang again, he stood us up again.  He has things come up in the lab.  We are going by again tonight.  I hope we don't lose him.  Oh Frank dropped us on Thursday, that was a bummer.  

Sunday was really good.  In the morning while Merriman was at ward council I went out with the Engish Elders and got 3 potentials in 2 hours.  Really successful.  Church was good.  After Church we met with Louis.   He didn't come to church.  We taught the Sabbath Day and committed him to come every week.  He said yes.  He is ready to be baptized on the 28th.  He is doing awesome.  At night we met with Alan again.  He is doing good.

Today we are going with Elder Heaton and Huggie and Morgan and Tracy from Eastvale to the Mission Inn in Riverside.  Should be cool, not temperature wise though :(

Love you guys have a great week!

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