Monday, March 31, 2014

Mar 31 - Week 34 Getting Hot, New Semester, Ward Member Chinese Neighbors, Wangs, Giovanni, Busy Lu, Avocado Smoothie, Justin In China until August, Prayer with English Class Couple and Baby Dodo

Hello Family!  This week it has started to get even hotter.  I am starting to get funny missionary tan lines where the collar of my shirt and watch are.  Even though this week was Spring break we were still able to get a lot of work done and we actually still got 20 lessons... just barely!

Tues was awesome because we had an old lady in our ward call and ask us to come over with her to give a Book of Mormon to her Chinese neighbors.  It turned out to be really good and they agreed to let us come back and teach them.  Tuesday night Elder Heaton made me some Taiwanese food that was really good.  I am jealous of Parker this summer, he is going to eat some good stuff.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with my District leader Elder Jensen.  It was a pretty slow day, but we walked around and got a lot of people's numbers and invited a lot of people  to English class.  It is amazing how many Chinese there are here.  At night we had fifteen people at English class!  It was awesome.  I hope it gets even better as we start the new semester.

Thursday we met with the family from Tuesday.  It went ok.  The wife seems more interested than the husband does.  This weekend they went out of town so we haven't gotten a return appointment yet.  Thursday night we also met with the Wangs.  The mom and daughter that we found.  We had a really good lesson with them and got them set for church... but they missed it for the third week in a row... bummer.

Friday we got a new English class sign, it looks pretty professional!  I am excited to put it out this week.  We also got a new investigator named Giovanni; he just came here a month ago.  He is already some type of Christian in China.  He accepted a Book of Mormon, but I can't tell if he is really interested in the gospel or just wants to learn more about the church.  At night we went out to eat at a new Chinese place.  I got an avocado smoothie that actually was pretty good.

Saturday was a busy day we met with a potential named Lu, but said that he is too busy right now to investigate the church; that seems to be a common excuse.  We met with a few other people including a kid that we just picked up last week.  His name is Justin.  He met with us everyday this week.  He is really interested in the gospel, and he has recognized that he felt the sprirt, but he went home to China today and will be back in August.  

Sunday was really good.  Church was awesome as always.  At night we were at 19 lessons and we needed one more to hit the mission standard of excellence.  We called a bunch of people got reject twice at people's doors, but after an hour of scrambling around a family from English class let us in.  They are a really young couple with a 10 month old baby named Dodo.  They were really nice, we taught about prayer and help them say one together.  It was a neat experience.  

Ok that is all for this week..  I love you all.  Tell Amy I love her and am praying for her.  Keep on keeping on! 
-Elder Murray

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