Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mar 10 - Week 31 Shell Baptism (semi-drowned her), Former Elder Snyder visits from Utah State and takes trunk load of costco supplies to Dex, Exchange with Elder Yeung and Translating for Baptismal Interview

Ok today today has been really annoying and stressful, and not relaxing at all.  We are running late for dinner right now so I will have to make this short so I will just talk about the later half of the week which was the more eventful part. 
Friday afternoon we did an exchange with Elder Yeung and Elder Schoonmaker.  They had two investigators who needed baptismal interviews from a member of the mission presidency, and they needed a translator.  So I got to go do it since Elder Heaton had already taught her before.  It was a really amazing experience.  It really strengthened my testimony to hear their experience and how they had come to feel that the gospel was true.  They are a mother and a daughter.  They came to America a few months ago. Her daughter is about to have a baby that will be American citizen before they return to China.  Anyway they met with the missionaries to practice English and long story short they accepted the gospel.  I am really glad I got to meet them.  It was also a good experience for me to see that my Chinese was useful.  Here at UCR the students love to just speak English with us to practice.  They could all probably understand without me speaking Chinese.  The interview gave me a good chance to see that my Chinese can be useful, and I am not quite as bad as I thought.  I was at least able to understand what they said and get the interviewer's point across to them.  Even if it wasn't perfect.
Saturday I stayed over in Eastvale that night since... ok sorry I gotta go.  Long story short I had a good time in Eastvale with Elder Yeung.  It was awesome to see Elder Snyder.  [Former Elder Snyder now at Utah State called our house Thursday and we rushed to fill his trunk with Costco goodies and new shoulder bag for Dex.  It was so nice of him...we wanted to meet him but he came during work meetings for both Ty and I so he just took stuff off our porch]
 (In rush to get off of the computer to dinner apt -  Dex asked us to get baptism story from another email so here it is) "I baptized someone (Shell) this Sunday, and she wouldn't go under.  So I had to shove her down, then she came up and spit up water and was coughing a lot.  Everyone was sort of freaked out, they thought I was drowning her; I was just trying to get her all clean.  It was bad, she probably thought I was trying to kill her.  Oh well.  She can get into the celestial kingdom now."

Chinese Elder, Li Riu, Shelly and Shell and Shell's Baptism
 It was funny.  I love you
-Elder Murray

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