Friday, March 28, 2014

Mar 24 - Week 33 Awesome Dave Email, Yvette and Justin, Henry - Shell's Friend and RS graduates, Shell LiRui and Shelly, Christy, Dallin Chen Taiwanese piano playing former missionary and T-mobile salesman

Hello family!  There is a really angry guy in the library. It is sort of sketchy; he is yelling and cussing everyone out.  It is pretty sketchy.  I hope I make it out  alive. (We got our snail mail letter on Friday so he made it out ok!) I got an awesome e-mail from Dave today.  He has an English teacher that is also a member, pretty awesome!  I have had a really good week.  It was pretty slow  with finals and all, but not too bad.

I ran out of time to write down a day by day thing and I forgot my planner so I will just write the cool stuff.  Hopefully I can remember all of it.

Well we got some new investigators this week.  We had a couple show up to English class really late, but the stayed after and talked to us a long time and we set up a return appointment for the next day.  Their names are Yvette and Justin.  Justin is really interested and accepted the invitation to baptism.  No date just yet.  Yvette is still pretty skeptical, but we will work on it.

Christopher is doing good, but he went back home to see his family for Spring break so we haven't really gotten to meet with him at all last week or this week.  It is a bummer but we are texting him and reminding him to read and pray. In our last meeting we gave him a blessing to help with his finals.  It was a cool experience.

Henry (Shell's friend from last week)  is reading the Book of Mormon with us, but still doesn't believe there is a God.   He came to a ward activity this Saturday where a bunch of Relief Society women "graduated" from some program or something.  It was sort of awkward, and I think Henry was confused with all the old people in caps and gowns, but he enjoyed the food and he met the ward, so that is all that matters.

Shell  is doing great.  She came to Sacrament meeting yesterday, and is getting along really good with Li Rui and Shelly.  They are a good group of recent converts.  Shell came to help us teach a girl named Christy (has an aunt and uncle investigating in Arcadia).  They got along really well and Shell gave her a ride home.

Friday we had a guy walk in the institute to play piano.  He a guy from Taiwan who met the church when he was 15 and served a mission there when he was 18. Then when he finished that served the mandatory one year in the military as a paratrooper, and has been studying at BYU Idaho, but then came here to work for a few months as a T-mobile Salesman.  He just took us out to  lunch today.  His name is Dallin Chen.  He is really cool and willing to help us teach!  

Ok that is all that is going on.  I am having a great time.  I love the ward here.   I have been here a really long time (in missionary terms) so I've gotten to know them all really well. 
Plus side of California Pollution - Sunsets
  I love you guys and miss you!

-Elder Murray

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