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Mar 17 - Week 32 St. Patricks Day, Overflow Baptism, Finding a Shell's Friend, Christopher, Multi-zone Conference, Finals Week

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I hope the Leprechaun came and that you are all wearing green, and eating green pancakes or potato soup or whatever we do for today.  Today I got pinched hard by my district leader for not wearing green.  So I made sure to wear a green tie today.  This week was a lot of work, but it was really cool. 
Sorry for the short letter last week.  One thing I wanted to tell you guys last week that I forgot was that at Elder Yeung's baptism we overflowed the baptismal font, and water was running out from the dressing room door into the relief society room and hallway!  It was really stressful, but we got it all cleaned up with a vaccum type thing and mops, so it wasn't too bad.  It is funny now.
Well this past Tuesday we had almost nothing planned.  We just had one lesson with Shell.  So we spent a lot of time out contacting.  We had a security guard come harass us for a bit.  Elder Heaton got really mad because we weren't on campus propoerty at all.  So we went in and talked to an adminstrator.  They weren't very sympathetic. They said that they thought our English class was competition with their English programs so we tried to say we don't want to compete just help out.  They weren't convinced, but the said they would at least talk to the security guards to not bother us when we are on public property.  After all that we were walking on the street when we noticed a guy staring at our name tags.  So we stopped and talked to him.  We invited him in for a tour of the institute building;  he came in and we taught him the first lesson.  As he was leaving Shell came.  Turns out they are good friends!  Since then we have brought Shell to help us teach him, and she even brought him to church.  It was such a cool miracle.
Wednesday was pretty average.  English class has hit a plateau of about 10 people each class.  Which isn't as big as with Elder Snyder, but it helps us find new investigators so it is doing it's job.  Wednesday we taught Christopher the word of wisdom and committed him to live it.  The bummer is that he has finals this week and then goes home for a week of spring break.  His date for baptism is as soon as he gets back. Please keep him in your prayers this week.
Thursday we had multi-zone conference.  It was really good.  President and Sister smart gave really good trainings on loving your companion, and how hard times help us grow as people.  

Birthday Elders

Mt. Rubidoux Zone

Friday - we had 2 appointments fall through so we went and knocked on these apartments nearby campus that are FULL of Chinese.  The first door we went to was a really nice woman in her 50's we told her who we were and about our English class.  She was really excited.  We asked if she was interested in learning more about Christ and she went back inside and pulled out a huge pile of books on Christ and English and Chinese bibles.  We got her number and got a return appointment for the next day.  After that we went back to the institute to teach some new investigators that just came from China two weeks ago.  They aren't too interested, but while we were teaching them, we had 5 random people walk inside because they saw our sign for English class.  They came and Elder Heaton taught them a lesson and they came to church this past Sunday!
Saturday we went to the return appointment with the woman we had contacted the day before.  We taught her, her daughter, and her husband the restoration.  It went ok.  The husband has to go back to China, but has been to Salt Lake City before and knows a little about the church.  They are really nice, keep them in your prayers.
Sunday was good we got 4 people at church!  That was awesome.  We also go some translation equipment for sacrament meeting.  It works really well, the only problem is when don't have someone that can translate well enough.  Shell tried, but didn't understand enough of the church vocab to translate fully.  Elder Heaton tried and did pretty good, but they would periodically laugh because he translated something awkwardly or his Taiwanese accent or both. 
All in all it was a good week.  Keep me in your prayers this week, because it is finals.  When that happens all the Chinese students shut themselves up in the dorms and study, so it will be a stuggle to find people to meet with, also it has been heating up A LOT this week.  I am not looking forward to the Summer here, but I guess it is just one of those things that I have got to accept and learn from instead of just worry and complain.  I love you guys.  Have a good week!
-Elder Murray

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