Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mar 3 - Week 30 First week Elder Heaton, Shell Baptism coming Sunday, No One came to English Class

This week was crazy busy!   I had pretty much no free time.  So this P-day has been nice.  My first week with Elder Heaton was good!  His Chinese is really awesome!  Even better is that he really knows how to teach Chinese people.  Everyday we do roleplays together and he shows me what points of doctrine Chinese people really struggle with.   I'm glad to have him as my companion. 
Well I am getting cut short on time today because we got to the library a little late, so I won't do a day by day thing.
Shell is still on date.  She came to all three hours of church yesterday and I think she really enjoyed it.  She should be getting baptized this Sunday!  All she needs is to come to church once more, and have her interview.  I am really stoked for her! 
Christopher is a guy that came and talked to Elder Schoonmaker and I on the street one day.   He is a senior at UCR and is getting an electrical engineering degree.  He came to the US when he was one.  He still speaks Chinese, but English is his first language.  We still teach him though.    He has been doing really well.  He reads and prays and he came to sacrament yesterday!!  He is on date for April 6th.
Well those are our top two investigators right now.. English Class was sad on Friday.  Not one person came...  It was raining so that might be a factor.  We are also working on getting a more professional sign made to attract more people. 
It rained a lot this weekend.  On Saturday night we were wet and cold and it was 8:40 and  I made us stay out till 9:00 and try to visit moses. Well we didn't get to moses, but this random drunk guy came up and was trying to help us get into Moses's apartment complex.  And here is the cool part... he spoke Chinese and was from Taiwan.  It was crazy.  He was super drunk.  We tried to help him out, but his phone was dead and we couldn't find where his friends were.  Eventually we just gave him our number and said to call us if he had problems. He told us he could get to his friend's house safely.  We also got his number and are going to give him a call today. :)
-Ok that is all  ILY

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