Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24 Week 29 - Elder Heaton will be NEW Companion! Shell Baptism anticipated for Mar 9, ABC Christopher, Dave back looking for job, BinBin tries to give back Book of Mormon,

Well this week has been really good.  I have been eating WAY too much candy from my birthday gifts, but other than that everything is going really well.   Shell is on date and keeping her commitments and we have a good teaching pool.  Saturday was transfer calls and we got some big news.  I will keep you in suspense until the end to tell you what is going on today.
Tuesday after e-mailing with you guys we went to teach an investigator that we recently picked up named Christopher.  He saw us on the street one night and came and talked to us.  He is an ABC American Born Chinese, but he read our Chinese name tags and decided to talk to us.  He had us come over to his apartment and teach him.  He is already a Christian and was interested in learning more.  Our Zone Leaders told us to still work with him, even though he speaks perfect English.  He is nice and is keeping commitments. He is a senior in college and an engineering student, but the member that we took with us thinks he might have autism.   He is doing well so far. He agreed to be baptized but isn't coming to church because he is really busy, which is a pretty common problem here with all the students we teach.
Wednesday Dave came back!  We walked into the institute and he was just there.  He had been waiting for us to come.  He is applying for Spring Semester at UCR and is hoping to stay till June, but is struggling to find a job, because his family can't support him.  He is still reading and praying, but he missed church again this weekend.  It is really frustrating, he always comes up with an excuse Saturday night.  Wednesday night we met with Sunny and Yudi, a daughter and mother that come to English class and who have come to church the past three weeks.  The mom told me they had been doing research and found out that if they joined the church she would loose her job and her daughter would recieve a lot of pressure to leave from all her teachers.  The communist party is really frustrating.  I don't know what to do.  I guess it is one of those things I can't control.  We are still trying to teach them to help build their faith, but I don't know if they are interested.
Thursday we went to free lunch at the institute then weekly planning.  Then we went to meet with a new investigator that we had named Bin Bin.  She said that she no longer wanted to meet and tried to return the Book of Mormon we had given her; Elder Schoonmaker made her keep it.  Anyway, we think it was her roommates who are already Christian that maybe gave her some Anti-info.  Whatever happened it was sad to see her go.  At night we met with Shell.  She is commited to keep the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Tithing.  The only thing she needs to do now is come to church two more times.  She is on date for the 9th of March.
Friday we met with a potential and she brought this cool scroll that she uses to practice caligraphy on with water instead of ink.  She let us try it out.  It was pretty fun.  After we tried to share the gospel with her, she told us she wasn't interested, so we put her in our list of not very interested potentials. It is a big list...  Friday I also ate my first Kumkwat?  I don't know how to spell it.  It is an orange the size of a grape and you eat it with the peel and all.  It was really good.  I tried to find some at the store today, but no luck.
Saturday....We met with some potentials and then gave English class cards to all the Chinese businesses around the campus.  Most of them were really nice and allowed us to leave them in a little card holder, we also hung up some more signs.  I hope we get some more people to come.  It is doing ok, but we need to get some more students.  At night we got in contact with Liu!!!  His phone started working again!  He met with us.  He is really busy and says he has no time to come to church.  He is also struggling to give up coffee.  We need to get him on date, but it is hard.  He says he really doesn't want to be pushed. 

TRANSFER CALL... I am staying here with Elder Heaton and Elder Schoonmaker is going to
Eastvale with Yeung and Clarkson. I am pretty excited. I hear Heaton is really a good missionary, and his Chinese is super good.  So I hope I can learn a lot from him.
Elder Clarkson (Dexter's MTC companion), Elder Heaton (Dexter's New Companion who was previously
 serving in Taiwan before coming to CA Riverside Mission), Elder Yeung (who goes home in Aug)

Sunday was good.  All our investigators left right after sacrament though so our Chinese gospel principles class was small.   Elder Schoonmaker and I tried to answer Li Rui and Shelly's questions about the Abrahamic Covenant in chinese... that was interesting.  At night, Simon texted us and dropped us too.  Getting dropped is really hard. 
Ok that is my week!  I hope you guys had a good one. ILY
Love, Elder Murray

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