Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feb 3 - Week 26 Liu and Word of Wisdom, Running into less Active Senior, Dave leaves on 10th, Taiwanese Starting Chinese Church warning people away from missionaries

Not really much to report.  It felt like a really unproductive and uneventful week.  Monday we taught Liu (the super cool guy I talked to on the street).  He asked about the word of wisdom so we taught it.  He hasn't been able to meet with us since.  I really hope we don't have to drop him, but we might.
Tuesday we has a lot of time to fill.  We got some new English class signs printed off and went to hang some up at a park.  At the park we saw a Chinese guy shooting hoops by himself so we went to shoot and talk with him.  He wasn't interested.  We met with Dave, he extended his stay in America till the 10th so we still have him for a while.
Wednesday we had a bunch of people cancel, so we went out to talk to people, and we found a less active Chinese kid.  He was born in China, and he and his family immigrated here where they met the missionaries.  He joined the church when he was young, but recently he has stopped coming.  We have tried to meet with him before but  he hasn't had time, so it was cool to just run into him as he was walking home from school.  We went to his house and talked.  He is really cool.   He is only 16 but is a senior; he is hoping to go to Berkley next year.  We talked to him about a mission, he said he isn't sure.  We invited him to church and he said yes.  Then Sunday came and he actually showed up!  Sweet!!
Thursday:  Weekly planning day.  Not very fun, but it is important.  At night we met with a potential to  practice English.   When we started to try to teach her the gospel she told us she is devote buddhist which is rare to find.  She said she is still interested in learning more, so we will see.
Friday we had ZDM.  It was good, but went a little long.  Afterwards we all went to... IN' N OUT.  It was my first time in my mission.  It was good. Friday was also the Spring Festival.  No one came to English class that was Chinese.  We had two Mexicans and one Indian guy.  So that was a bummer.  On Friday we also met with a girl named Christy that I found in our phone.  She has good potential.  Her uncle lives in Arcadia and he has talked with the Chinese missionaries there and even took Christy to church with him there.  She really liked it, and at the end of our lesson she said. "I think God is directing my path." 
Saturday More cancelled lessons.  So we went to these apartments really close to campus and knocked on all the doors that had Chinese New Years decorations.  It is cool because to scare away the new years monster they put red paper with symbols on the sides of their doors and they place an upside symbol on the middle of the door to bring good luck.  So we
knocked on all the doors that had that, and we talked to a bunch of people.  The problem was is that there is a...
Ok we have to go early I just found out so I will have to cut this short.  Can you send me mom's letter?
ily Elder Murray

"A few minutes later he told us he was able to stay on longer on the email.  We asked him about the problem above.  He emailed "there is a Taiwanese guy that has started a Chinese church up there, and it sounds like he is warning them about us, because they all said stuff like... why do we need more Bible."

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