Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 18 Week 28 - Fastest Week of Mission, Shell meets Shelly, Thanks for Birthday Packages, Exchange with Spanish DL, Eastvale Chinese New Year Party

This week was the fastest of my mission.  We did a lot of things besides our regular routine, so it was nice to have a change of pace this week.  Tuesday was a pretty normal day.  At night we taught our best investigator named Shell.  She is willing to be baptized, we have her on date for the 16th.  She came to church this past Sunday and she got a chance to talk with Shelly about her baptism, so that was really cool.  Keep her in your prayers. 
Wednesday I went on exchanges with my district leader.  His name is Elder Jensen.  He is a Spanish speaking Elder. They cover a huge area, but they don't have a car so they have bus passes.  It was sort of fun to ride on the bus, except at night.  That was sort of weird.  We had a good day in "Spanish Land."  I wasn't much help in lessons.  He serves in one of the poorest areas of Riverside.  It was interesting to see a different side of town besides just the college campus.  Just a few blocks away, it is really poor.  For dinner he took me to an authentic mexican place, and we got some good Horchata. 
Thursday was also pretty normal day.  We did our weekly planning.  Elder Schoonmaker bought a new binder for our area book.  It is pink and has a picture of a pug wearing a sweater.  He named it our P.U.G. binder Progressing Under God.  I'm just rolling with it. 
Friday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  They did it because Elder Schoonmaker and I are hitting the "standard of excellence" every week.  We get about 5 people to church on average, and we get a ton of lessons, but we don't have people getting baptized. So they took us out on exchanges.  They told me I need to be bolder.  So that is what I am working on.  We are now pushing to get every investigator on date, no matter what their excuses are, and I have been inviting everyone I talk to, to get baptized.  It is sort of weird but they said it will help me just get in the habit of being bold and not beating arround the bush.
Saturday!  19 years old!  Thank you for the package!  It was awesome.  All the elders appreciated the cupcake things, I love Fletcher's sign, hearing your guy's voices was great!  except you all sound really tired.  Did you do it in the morning?  Saturday night we went to Eastvale for a Chinese New Year party at the ward in Eastvale.  We had a bunch of investigators show up.  Including Moses!  It was really cool.  They served some pretty decent Chinese food; there were those dragon dancers, and a pretty funny program. It was a good time, and a good chance for our investigators to come meet the Chinese members in Eastvale.  Moses had a good chat with Brother Jiang, (Elder Snyder's recent convert)

Sunday  Moses came to church and we met with him after sacrament.  He knows he needs to get baptized but he can't because as a member of the Communist party he has to say he isn't religous.  He said that in June he thinks they will kick him out because he hasn't been paying the fee.  We tried to see if there was any way he could get out sooner,but he is afraid that if he quits he will get fired from his job. It is a tough situation.
Yesterday, we had a short P-day since we went to the temple  today.  So tell Grandma Cahoon, and Emilie that I will write them next week, I ran out of time.  Tell them sorry.  Ok that is my week life is good.

ILY-Elder Murray

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