Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7 Week 35 General Conference in Chinese, Su Interview for baptism, Exchange with Spanish Elder Taylor - Dinner appointment without host, Christy and Liu Cancelled, Tomato Basil Wheat Thins

Hello everyone!  Conference was awesome!  It was so nice!  I was really able to feel the spirit and learn some new ways to improve.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Dad's letter was awesome I loved seeing the program from Parker's performance.  Hope he had a fun time on the music trip.

This week started off really good, ended sort of bad, but we had conference to pick us up.

Tuesday we put Su on date... and he accepted.  His interview is tomorrow!  He is doing awesome!  He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and watched conference with us yesterday.  He is a really cool guy,  he has a lot of faith.  He agreed to live all the commandments without hesitation.  Keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Taylor, our Spanish speaking DL's companion.  It was pretty cold and rainy, we had a good time though.  We biked all over Riverside, we biked past this giant cup looking monument next to a wearhouse.  I will send a picture.  Dinner was weird though.  The food was awesome, but the lady just served us the food and then left us in the kitchen to eat without her.  Elder Taylor said all of the members in their ward do that.  It was a different experience.

Thursday we did weekly planning, and we met with Shelly.  She is still doing good.  She recently got her driver's license and is apply for an internship here after she graduates.

Friday we had ZDM which took up most of the morning.  In the afternoon we had some appointments set with Christy and Liu (both of whom really have potential, but have been unwilling/too busy to meet.)  They both cancelled and Liu said that he is too busy to set up a time.  It was sad.  English class was also poorly attended that night.  I was glad we had conference the next day.

Saturday conference was really good!  I really liked Elder Eyring's talk.  My favorite part was that he said both Pres. Hinckley and Monson, have positive attitudes and when others bring up problems or stressful situations, they have an attitude of "it will all work out."  I really need to be better at this.  Also Saturday was the last day of the transfer, so everything is all switched up.  Our ward will only have 2 sets of missionaries now.  Elder Heaton and I and Elder Reber and a new one coming tonight named Elder Fransen.  Also Elder Reber and I are both going to be district leaders.  I am excited, and a little nervous... but hey "everything works out."

Sunday was good we watched conference in Chinese at the institute.  I could understand a lot of it.  We also had subtitles though, but they would get so far behind or ahead.  For lunch I brought a sandwich and I got a box of tomato basil wheat thins which I shared with the Chinese there.  They loved the wheat thins.  They said they were the best snack they've eaten here  They ate the whole box... 

Ok that is all.  I love you guys... oh in keeping with conference.  In PMG I studied Bear testimony frequently.  It is really true that the best way to invite the spirit is to testify or "a simple declaration of belief."  This week I am going to work on bearing testimony more frequently.  


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