Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21 - Week 37 Forgot Camera, Easter, Su Friend Alex already has testimony, Service works, Su gets Holy Ghost, Gospel blesses families

I forgot my camera … 2nd week in a row.  I am kicking myself for not bringing it.  I have pictures from Su's baptism and us dyeing Easter eggs for you guys.  Oh well next week I will bring it for sure.  Thank you so much for the Easter package. It was perfect; everything I miss about Easter at home with you guys.  I ate too much crap this week though.  This morning I went on a run with one of the AP's; I definitely was slowed down by all those whopper eggs.  Too good.

This week was crazy and stressful.  We said a bunch of prayers, and spent a ton of time texting and calling and arranging rides and all that fun stuff and we hit standard!  

Tuesday we had a lesson with one of Su's friends named Alex. He had met with us before and said he wasn't really interested.  We asked if he had read any of the Book of Mormon, he hadn't.  So we started explaining why it is important to read to gain a testimony and all the sudden he says.  "I already have a testimony."  We both stopped and listened to him tell us about how when he came to Su's baptism he felt the Spirit and now he believes in God!  We said awesome, so will you read and pray about the Book of Mormon to grow closer to God, and strengthen your faith.  He said no... too much homework.  He said "God wouldn't want me to be more stressed out."  We bore our testimony of the positive influence it would have on his life.  And got him to commit to at least try. We will keep working with him. 

I got to get out a little early today, so I will summarize the rest of the week.  English class struggled again.  Not very many people.  Su is doing great!  He got the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday.  Shell brought friends to meet with us, and one came to church yesterday!  Li Rui hit her year mark of being a member.  We got a new investigator yesterday by helping carry some groceries earlier in the week.  Service works!  

This week in PMG I studied the gospel blesses families section.  I know that this gospel really does help families develop stronger relationships.  I think it is because we all have the same goal of living together forever as a family. I really want to help others see that.  Knowing that I will get to live with you all forever is the greatest thing I have.  I work hard everyday to strengthen this testimony and do what is right so I can be with you guys, because you guys are what make me happy.  I love you all so much!  

-Elder Murray

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