Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28 and May 5 - Weeks 38 and 39 Tian, Hiro, Yi Ting, Sharpay, Grateful, Coconut Ice Cream Bar

Highlights of April 28th week:

New investigator named Tian.  She has been here for 9 years.  She is really cool.  I hope she progresses well.

Hiro is doing good so far.  He might have to go back to Japan soon which would be a bummer.  But he is living all the commandments and he came to church this week!

Friday had a training on being a good DL.  I went on exchanges with the ZL.  He was cool.  It is nice to have a car.

May 5th week- The more and more time I spend here in Riverside the more and more I like it.  There are a ton of people from all over here.  We went to a Mexican grocery store today where all the signs were in Spanish.  I bought a really good coconut ice cream bar.  Everywhere I go I can find a Chinese person to talk to, and there is always a pretty good Chinese place to eat.  There are also a lot of people from India and the middle-east here.  Last P-day we ate at an India market place that was really good.  The weather here is pretty nice (it got pretty hot this week, but it wasn't so bad.)  Not to mention all the cool people I've met here.  The missionaries here are awesome, I am really grateful I was called to this mission.  

Well this week on Tuesday we met with Hiro!  (On date for this weekend) we went over the questions with him.  He got really caught up on Thomas S. Monson out of all things.  He said believed everything and was willing to keeping the commandments. He even believed that Joseph Smith is a prophet, but wasn't sure about President Monson.  Well after talking with him for a while and watching a talk from conference we helped him resolve that concern.  Everything was good.

Wednesday we met with Tian (last week's new investigator) again.  She hadn't been reading or praying, and she works on Sundays so she can't come to church.  It is a real bummer because she is one of the most humble/ really searching for an answer investigators I've seen.  Keep her in your prayers.

Thursday we met with another investigator named Yi Ting.  Her English name is Eating because it sounds like here Chinese name.  No joke.  She is nice, but she is mostly interested in practicing English, so we invited her to English class.

Friday was really hot. In the morning we had ZDM.  We had a big discussion on setting our Zone goal.  It was silly.  We met with a guy named Ricky after.  He was also just an "English Leech" as Elder Heaton calls them.  It is hard to figure out who is really interested, and who just wants so practice their English on you.  Friday Eating came to English class with Hiro.  They have become pretty good friends.

Saturday was really hot again, and we only had 2 appointments.  We spent a lot of time biking around and trying to find potential investigators.  That day there was a huge party/concert on campus.  You could hear the music all day long.  

Sunday was a bummer.  Hiro was all set to come to church and then just cancelled to go to LA.  However, Shell brought her friend Sharpay for the 3rd week in a row.  She is really hesitant when we bring up baptism, but we will keep working with her.  

Notable Quotable:
Chinese Mistake:  So one investigator asked me at church if I had the priesthood.  I said "Yes I already have it."  Well it turns out the way I said it is a phrase women say to mean that they are pregnant....

ILY can't wait to talk to you with week!

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