Monday, May 12, 2014

May 11 - Week 40 - Mother's Day call, Hiro trip to Vegas, Tian and Sabbath, Exchange with Elder Yeung, Christopher, Apple roommate with Shell, Exchange with Elder Lunt, Irene, Su gets priesthood,

Nice to talk to you again!  It was so fun to talk to you guys yesterday.  I am always worried I will get super sad and down after calling, but the past two times I walk away feeling really happy and satisfied.  Here is a quick rundown of this week.

Tuesday we had a good lesson with Hiro to make sure he was ready to be interviewed the next day.  He understands everything now, and was fully prepared.  Also on Tuesday we met with a girl named Apple.  We had contacted her in a parking lot right after conference, and hadn't heard from her.  Then Shell moved into a new apt. and just so happens Apple is her room mate.  Cool huh?  So we had a lesson with them.  Apple doesn't really have a lot of interest right now, but we will keep trying.

Wednesday Elder Heaton and I taught a lesson to Tian.  Right now we really want her to come to church, but she has work.  We tried to see if she could change the time or ask for Sundays off, but she said it will have to wait until fall when she gets a different job.  After that lesson we exchanged with the other Chinese Elders.  Elder Yeung (pronounced like young) and I stayed in Riverside, and the other 2 went to Eastvale.  Elder Yeung and I went and did some service in our proselyting clothes for an old Taiwanese couple.  We planted a small tree and weeded their garden.  It was a lot of fun.  Then after Elder Yeung translated for Hiro's baptismal interview.  He passed!  Then right after he told us he would postpone his baptism till next week, because he was going to Vegas... bummer....

Thursday Elder Yeung and I were together still and we taught Hiro.  We taught about the importance of keeping commandments and committed him to living them this weekend as he went to Sin City.  We are going to follow up  with him  tonight.  After that we exchanged back.  At night we had a lesson with Su.  After meeting with Su, Christopher randomly showed up.  We had tried getting in contact with him, but with no luck all week.  It was so cool he just came to the institute.  It was nice to talk to him.  He said he couldn't come to church again since he was in San Diego.  We tried to get in contact with the bishop/missionaries there, but no response... frustrating.

Friday we exchanged again.  This time with the office Elder's since they are in my district.  I went with a guy named Elder Lunt to our area.  He was really cool.  His family owns a time share in Hawaii so week talked about that, and he is an apple/mac lover so I was able to talk a little about that with him because of Parker.  It was a slow day we walked around a lot.  I think I got him sun burned, but I took him to uncle chuangs bakery to make up for it.  Whops.  We did get a really cool new investigator that day.  His name is Frank.  He has only been here one month.  He is really receptive and came to church yesterday!  He is a really cool guy!

Saturday we met with Irene.  We committed her to living the Word of Wisdom.  It is one of her biggest hold ups to getting baptized.  I really am praying that she keeps it and is able to feel the spirit more strongly and increase here testimony.  We also met with Su and his friend named Lion (a girl.)   She is really nice but is really not willing to come to church.

Sunday!  Su got the priesthood and Shell and he both got temple recommends for this Saturday when they go to do baptisms.  I am really excited for them!  Then I got to talk to you guys.  Afterwards Elder Heaton refused to go out.  So I called all the people giving talks next to get outlines so that we can prepare for translation better.

Today is good.  I did get to go on a run really quick with a Spanish Elder who got told by his family he needed to loose weight.  We didn't go far, but it was nice.

ILY have a great week!
-Elder Murray 

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