Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19 Week 41 - Onward to Eastvale; Elder Yueng and Elder Murray companions and zone leaders; Temple Tuesday and Cafe Rio, Henry's Grandmother Died, Jia Jia, Sharpay and Frank,

Well it finally happened. I have been transferred to Eastvale.  I am e-mailing you from the computer lab of our apartment community.  Eastvale is a pretty new city, and it doesn't have a lot of apartments.  So they work really hard to put us into home shares.  Right now they can't find a home share so we are in a really fancy apartment place called Homecoming.  It is like a hotel.  I wish I had some pictures, but you guys can look it up probably.  It is really nice.  I can't believe missionaries live here.  President told me it is the most expensive apartment in the mission, but it is all they can find for now.  

This week was interesting.  On Tuesday we went to the temple.  It is always nice to go there.  I really like the feeling there.  I still don't understand it at all, but I know I do  feel good when I go.  After the temple  we hit up Cafe Rio again!  So good.  One of the many pros of serving down here.

Wednesday was pretty good.  We met with Sharpay and Frank after English class.  She is still really worried about making a commitment, we committed her to reading and praying about it.  She couldn't come to church yesterday which was really a bummer.  Frank couldn't either.  He is doing ok, but is struggling to recognize the spirit.

Thursday was good. We met with Henry again.  His grandmother died this week.  He told us that he believes in our message a little more now.  Slowly but surely.  Keep him in your prayers.  Thursday was also really hot... 104...

Friday was also good. There is a RM who is from Tonga named Joe Ipola that comes to help out at English class.  He has a girl friend named Jia Jia who is from China.  He said that he has tried to share the gospel with her, but she isn't interested.  He brought her to English class this week.  She enjoyed the message about the spirit at the end of class, and they came to church on Sunday!  She has a lot of potential.  I really hope we can help her and Joe.

Saturday we got transfer calls!  All 4 Chinese Elders are in Eastvale.  Elder Yeung and I are together and we are going to be Zone Leaders.  (I didn't see the Zone Leader part coming,  I am excited)   Saturday we also helped a family move.  They had 4 inside dogs. It was a really hairy move.  We also met with this family and committed them to come to church, we even had a ride set up.  But no luck.  

Sunday was awesome we had 8 non members at church!  Two of them were these 2 people we just OYMed on the street.  They really liked the gospel principles class.  That is pretty much all for this week.  

Today I have been moving and packing and unpacking so I haven't had time to write a letter.  If I don't get to it I am sorry.  I love you all!
-Elder Murray 

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