Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14 - Su Baptism, Working with Christopher, Mulit-zone Breakfast, Possibly last interview with President, Exchange with Elder Yeung, Slurpee and sunburn, Repentance like Endless windex

Well it was a stressful week, but like I was talking about last week.  Things work out in the end.  

Tuesday we had to each lunch in 10 minutes so we could make it to an apppointment.  The appointment was ok.  It was two new investigators; they listened to the first lesson, but we haven't been able to get in contact since then.  In the evening Elder Yeung came to translate for Su's baptismal interview and Elder Heaton went to translate for another baptismal interview.  It was fun to be with Elder Yeung for a while.  We talked to a lot of people, he taught a lesson in Cantonese which was interesting.  I could  pick out and guess some stuff, but it is so different from Mandarin.  Su passed his interview no problem.

Wednesday we had interview with the President.  This is probably the last one we get with him.  He leaves after next transfer.  He is really cool.  We talked about how he had been really worried when Elder Jiang (The old Chinese elder that trained elder snyder)  left for home and there were only two white Elders that had been learning Chinese for 5 months.  However, he told me the work didn't skip a beat.  He said that we try our best and the Atonement makes our best more than good enough.  So he told me just to try my best.  

Thursday was weekly planning and we had a few lessons, we met with Su just to get everything all set up for his baptism.  Oh I forgot on the day before we had met with Christopher.  We went over the baptismal questions, he passed.  He did express that he was worried that he couldn't come to church every week because he is graduating in June and he is really busy.  We bore our testimonies of being helped and supported when we try to do what Christ wants us to do first.  After that he said he was ready to be baptized.

Friday we had Christopher's baptismal interview.  He also passed no problem.  Friday we didn't have any appointments in the afternoon, so we stayed outside and talked to people walking to and from class.  It was really hot that day so I got a slurpee at 7/11, and Elder Heaton chugged 3 water bottles. At night we had a really good English class.  A lot of new people came and they all really liked it.  When we got home Elder Heaton realized he was really sunburned, he was not happy.  So I have been lending him my sunscreen.  It has been really hot here.

Saturday we had a multi-zone breakfast with the first assistant in the mission presidency's house.  It was really fun. They did an Easter egg hunt for us.  The rest of the day we met with some potentials.  They listened and accepted Book of Mormon's but they didn't commit to a return appointment.  It is hard, but we are still looking for people that are looking for the gospel, and not just to understand American culture.  

Sunday was really good, and really stressful.  At one point we had 6 people that were going to come to church and some wanted to go to singles ward, and none of them had rides.  It was crazy stressful. In the end we had a bunch of people cancel, and we ended up with 3 at church and one came late for priesthood and Sunday school.  Biggest bummer was Christopher cancelled and said he had too much homework.  So he didn't get baptized yesterday.  We are meeting with him again today to see what we should do next.  The good news was that Su got baptized!  It was really good!  All the recent converts came.  He said he felt really warm afterwards.  The bishopric member came and congratulated and said he would get the priesthood soon.  Shell explained the priesthood as the authority to give the bread and water in church, and Su was pretty excited. 

Today has been fun.  The chapel has been closed for cleaning so we went and played tennis.  I stink but it was fun anyway.  Hope you guys have a great Easter Sunday!  This week in PMG I studied Repentance.  I like the reference to the BD which says that repent means forming a fresh view of God, the world, and ourselves.  I have felt this as I repent,  Everything feels better, I am happier and more grateful for what I have.  I am able to notice more blessing in my life.  It is awesome that through the Atonement we can form fresh views as many times as we need.  It is like a bottle of windex that never runs out.  And running with the window cleaning analogy sometimes you don't realize how dirty your windows were until after you clean them. Ok that is all for this week.  



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