Monday, October 6, 2014

Sept 29 Week 60 - Winter, Jim and Mia, Moving Service, Meet the Mormons, "Burn in Oven like cookie dough"

Ok another week over.  This week I worked really hard, but nothing really has happened.   I have been making a lot of calls and trying to visit people, but the only real investigator we have now is that Winter girl.  She came to Church yesterday!  Yes!  

Monday night we met with Winter and Jim (Mia's husband who was Muslim but got baptized.)  It was an ok lesson we just recommitted her to read and pray.  

Tuesday we had DDM and it was awesome to see Sister Sterner!  She and her companion seem solid!  In the afternoon we had an appointment with this girl name Fiona that Elder Heaton said had real potential, but she goes back to China in Nov!  We had to reschedule the appointment for the next day, because I couldn't find a team-up.  We also met this old couple, whose son joined the church.  They were nice, but teaching old Chinese people is probably the hardest thing I've done here.  They told us not to come back to November as they are going back to China for a while.  At night we had correlation meeting with our Ward mission leader, Brother Miao.  He is a super solid member from Taiwan.  It was good to talk with him.

Wednesday we did studies then met with this guy that I oymed in June that Elder Heaton and Huggie hadn't gotten a hold of.  His name is Tyler.  We met him at the church and taught the restoration.  It was a good first lesson, but when I asked for a return appointment he said 2 weeks.  I should have tried to move it up, but I didn't... live and learn.   We then were supposed to have Fiona come meet us.  She stood us up though.  So we went out to visit the potentials that were still in our area book.  Every time we went to a new house we'd also hang up English class signs in the area and knock some doors that looked Chinese to me.  At night we had English class.  We had 4 people come.  It was all their first time.  Heaton and Huggie had ended the English class for a bit.  The class was good we had a good spiritual thought on prayer, I was too chicken and didn't ask the people if they wanted to learn more about the church, I was too afraid they'd not come again and we'd have no one.  I should have just asked though, again.. live and learn.

Thursday we had a good weekly planning session!  Then this family that lost their job called us for help moving so we went there for a couple hours.  After that we went out to try to see other potentials and investigators that didn't answer calls or texts.. no luck.  At night we met with Winter and Brother Miao!  It was also an ok lesson.  After we went to meet with Jim and Mia.  Only Jim came though.   So after meeting with Jim I asked if we could say hi to Mia.  She came and said hi to us and was nice, and they said they wanted to come to English class the next day.

Friday morning we went to help do a little more moving again, then we went to have interviews with President.  Mine was good.  President really trusts me.  I got permission to go out earlier in the mornings to look for Chinese doing morning exercises, and he suggested just biking around neighborhoods instead of tracting.  We haven't had to start tracting or biking around yet, but I think this week we will!  I am really excited. I love finding and talking to people.  I fasted yesterday to find new investigators and I will do everything I can to make it happen!  After interviews we watched meet the Mormons and ate lunch with President.  I loved the movie!  Then we went to go to an appointment with another potential from the area book, but they called on our way and very rudely dropped us.  Then our car had low oil so we took it in for an oil change which took forever.  We walked around on the street and got oyms.  This one guy rapped to us about how "we gonna burn in the oven like cookie dough"  and then this other lady said she only needed the bible and then told us about this other "very deep" book called the book of Enoch.  Turns out the flood of noah had to happen to destroy all the fallen angels and demi-gods on the earth... like Hercules.  Who knew?  Well after that we met with a member had practiced teaching and asked for referrals.  No referrals though :(  English class started with 2 girls.. I was a little unsure on what to do.  We have the class in the community center so there are other people there and I just propped open the door.  After a while more people showed up including Jim and Mia and this family with a cute 8 year old kid that doesn't really want to learn English.  It was a good class.

Saturday we had a stake breakfast for missionaries which was fun.  After 2 Elders asked us to drive them home, they lived forever away so we didn't get home till 10:00.  After studies we met another member who ranted about how much she doesn't like Mainland Chinese, but she gave good tips on improving Chinese.  After we went and visited potentials again and hung up signs.  Lots of rejection or no answering.  We ate dinner at a Chinese place which was just ok.  Then we went to meet Tracy and Morgan and show them this silly movie from the 90's called "On the Way Home".  I love it.  Bro Miao gave it to us to show them.  Tracy didn't watch it she cooked dinner.  Also the appointment we had set up with a part-member family that night cancelled and then showed up at Tracy and Morgan's. Haha.  They didn't really watch either and then when we shared our testimonies and invited them to read Alma 40-42  pray to know if the Plan of Salvation is real.  They critized us for not reading the Bible as much as the book of mormon and said that they think the bible is easier to understand.  It was an awful lesson.  After that we went and tried to visit potentials again.  No luck.  So frustrating.  We also visited another member to practice teaching and asking referrals, but I forgot to ask for referrals... dang it.

Sunday we had Ward council, Church was great! I had to translate sacrament and it wasn't so bad.  My Chinese has gotten better.  After Church we went and helped an old Chinese couple with their computer... well Elder Merriman did.  I need to learn more.  Then we saw a less active lady, but her husband wasn't home so we couldn't go in.  Then we went to see a referral from an oym that turned out to have already been baptized in Macau China, but said he was too busy to meet us.  Then we went to a meeting for the Zone focus this month.  Then we met with Bro Jiang, a super awesome member that has been baptized for 2 years now.  His sister was in town.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and praying to know these things are true.  Bro Jiang bore his testimony and his Sister cried.  We committed her to pray to know these thing are true and said we'd follow up when she comes back. (she goes back to China tomorrow)  Bro Jiang also asked us to give her a priesthood blessing, so we did that too.  It was a good lesson.
Dinner was a Tongan family that gave us fried Oreos.  

At night we met with another member and practiced teaching and asking referrals.  Our other appointment fell though.  So tired to see potentials and hang up English class signs again... ugg I hope we find some new people soon, or the old investigators start replying to us.  

-Elder Murray 

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