Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 6 Week 61 - Sam Li, Fiona, Winter, Korean Member in Ragnar shirt, Car Recall, Chen Homemade Chinese food, General Conference

Ben and Kims email were really amazing this week... one day I'll get there.  

This week was pretty good!  Last Monday after e-mailing you guys we went to teach a recent convert/less active named Cheryl Zhang.  She was really nice, I don't think she got we were reviewing the lessons with her mostly just to practice Chinese, she kept going ahead in the lesson and saying that she already knew the stuff.  It was good practice though.

Later that night we went to see a referral from the 1st counselor in our ward.  It was this guy named Sam Li.  He just came here and is a Christian in China.  He said he is looking for a church here that is the same as the one in the bible.  Bingo!  Unfortunately he left for China the next day to visit his mom, but will be back in a week from now.  

Tuesday we went out in the morning to parks to look for Chinese.  Not to much success.  Old Chinese people (which are the ones in the parks in the morning) are less receptive than young ones.  On Tuesday we also helped a family move  for a bit,  Then we went and finally met with Fiona, the potential that Heaton and Huggie left us.   She goes back to China in November, but she is really interested.  Her only thing is she is worried about keeping the commandments.  Our plan is to talk more about the atonement and repentance to help her understand that she doesn't need to be perfect, she just has to try her best.  At night we went to Corona to visit a less active Chinese guy and his wife.  They were busy but rescheduled for tonight.  So we will see.  We also saw a former investigator named Margaret and her 87 year old dad who is a member.  They were good, we had a quick lesson with her, and then went to see Winter, we took a member named Brother Zhang.  The lesson was pretty good, at least we had some good fellowship there.  Winter's boyfriend and room mate sat in on the lesson too!

Wednesday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  It was good.  We oymed in the morning again at the parks.  I ran into this guy wearing a Ragnar shirt that is Korean and already a member, we got his information and asked to stop by.  In the afternoon we went in to get our car looked at because there was a recall on it, but they were too busy so we left and met Winter again.  The lesson was not so good, the ZL kept trying to cut in and help, but with the language barrier it sort of wasn't helping.  She said she really doesn't want to be baptized because she doesn't want to be put into a box and have all these rules to follow.  Li Rui actually showed up for the last bit.  At night we had a good English class.  This old guy and his wife we oymed came, they were really nice!

Thursday we went to the car shop again and got it all fixed.  At home we did studies and planning, then we went to Rancho Cucamonga.  We visited some potentials they left us and tried to go see some less active members.  We got one quick little message in with a sister on her door step, because her husband wasn't home.  They are named the Su's, super cool family that got baptized in the Arcadia mission.  At night we saw a less active named Selin.  We had a good lesson with her on faith and repentance.  Then we had a lesson with Fiona at the Jiang's  house.  Bro Jiang talked a lot...  but I think it was ok.  He shared his testimony and how he came to know this was true.  I enjoyed it.

Friday we helped the Chen move a fruit tree in their backyard, then we had a nice ZDM.  After ZDM the Chen's made us lunch.  I love homemade Chinese food.  At night we had a good English class and then went to meet the Hu's (that family that has 7 kids!)  We sort of just ended up talking with him and inviting him to start reading and praying again.  

Saturday CONFERENCE!  so good.  In between sessions we taught Winter.  We taught how God loves us and gives us rules for our benefit.  We committed her to live the Word of Wisdom and she accepted.  The best was her prayer at the end she said, Thank you God I love you!  She came to church the next day even.  She is progressing well.  Next step Chastity.  She lives with her bf.. I will keep you posted.  Also sad news.  Annie and Jonny,  the family I oymed from the car offically dropped us.  They said they want to stick with buddhism.  Sad, but the Jiangs said the same thing and a year later the missionaries found them in the formers and saw them again and now they are sealed in the temple!  At night we saw the Korean guy I ran into.  He is an RM.  He saw some stuff about the book of mormon online that really shook his testimony.  We committed him to start reading and praying again.  Hopefully he does.  He is super cool.  He got baptized at West Point and he has been to Iraq.  His name is Lawrence.  Oh and I have kept him and not passed him off to other missionaries, because he speaks some Chinese... we still mostly talk to him in English, but oh well.

Sunday conference was great again.  I really liked Elder Scott's.  I love just having specific, simple things we can do to help us be truly happy.  Pray, read, FHE (I loved our FHEs)  and going to the temple.  

Ok I typed a lot.  


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