Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oct 13 Week 62 - Su's, Katey Zhang, Melody, Brother Xiong, Old Police Head gets them to Temple on time, Miaos and Louis Yu's Baptism

This week was good!  We got 3 new investigators!  The first was on Monday.  There is a family that lives in Corona named the Su's.  The dad got baptized when they lived in Utah.  His daughters are all into primary, but the wife has shown  no interest.  Well we went over and the husband sort of forced her to come in because we were Chinese speaking. The lesson went really good.  We are going back again tonight to teach the Plan of Salvation!  

Tuesday we met with some less actives.  Including that lady that texted you.  She is named Katey Zhang.  She got baptized when the first set of Chinese missionaries were here.  She is really nice. Elder Merriman chastised me after the lesson for giving her your number, she offered to send it to his mom, but he said his mom didn't have a phone.  It was a little weird having her text you while we were right there.  I didn't dictate any of those texts though so I technically wasn't communicating with you, but Elder Merriman is right.  Maybe next time someone wants to send a pic wait like 45 minutes before responding.  

Wednesday we got our 2nd new investigator named Melody!  She is awesome, she has come to church twice now and really enjoys it.  We committed her to read and pray and get baptized if she knows it's true.  Her response was, I don't know.  So we said just read and pray and then we will talk.  I have a testimony that anyone that reads and prays about the Book of Mormon will feel that it is true, no matter if they are atheist, Buddhist, or whatever.  The hard part is finding the people that really want to know the truth.  I think Melody does so we will meet with her on Thursday.  We also finally met with Brother Xiong again!  We put him on date for November 2nd!  He is super cool.  We went over all the baptismal interview questions with him.  No problems!  He just needs to show up on time for sacrament.  

Thursday we went to the temple.  I got us a ride with a member of the stake presidency who used to be head of Riverside police dept.  He is straight out of one of mom's crime shows.  He is a really cool guy.  He talked about going into the army, his son just did.  He made me sort of want to try it out.  I wish you could just go do the training for a while, (and get college paid for) but not have to commit so much time, or go overseas to fight.  But going in as an officer sounds pretty good, and you get some extra bonuses for being an Eagle scout and speaking another language.  Anyways we were sort of late getting out, so he used his years of car chase training to get us to the session with 10 minutes to spare.  It was really fun.  The temple was also really good.  Everytime I am in the Celestial room and pray, I have a really good peaceful feeling, and I know that everything will be ok.  Thursday night we taught Winter the Law of Chastity.  She lives with her boyfriend.  She was really upset afterwards.  She doesn't have anywhere to go, but also doesn't want to get married right now.  We talked to our Ward Mission Leader (Brother Miao) who is super cool as well.  He said just to give her time.  She still meets with us, she still came to church and Louis's baptism on Sunday.

Friday was ok, we did weekly planning and went to go see a former investigator.  English class we only had this one guy named Wei show up.  We taught him English for a while and also taught a lesson on repentance that we had prepared for English class.  He came to church yesterday and the members were very good at fellow shipping him. We gave him the Restoration pamphlet and that will be our next lesson on Wednesday.  

Saturday we met with Winter at Brother Miaos.  The lesson was good.  Brother Miao is probably one of the richest people I have met, He owns Taiwan's equivalent of Home Depot, but he doesn't show it at all.  He and his wife have a nice house, but they buy a lot of stuff at DI.  They are amazed at how cheap it is. :)  They spend their money on their garden in their  backyard and traveling back to Taiwan to visit family.  They are awesome.  Saturday we also met with Morgan.  He is doing good, but Katey is ordering a restraining order against him, so he can't come to church.  We also met with a less active named Yuyi.  He is also less active because his parents don't let him come.  He still reads and prays everyday.  He is 18 years old.  He is really cool. 

Sunday church was great!  I translated again.  Wei, Xiong, Melody and Winter all came.  We also got to go to Louis Yu's baptism.  (our investigator from Riverside)  I baptized him.  It was really good.  He is a cool guy.  

Well that is the week!  I hope we can keep it up!  I love you guys
I haven't gotten the package yet, I will go downstairs and ask.  

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