Monday, June 16, 2014

June 9 Week 44 - Annie and Jonny from first week of mission, Terry desires baptism, Christy and For Strength of Youth

So here is some good news from this week!  So the first week I was here.  We were stopped at a stoplight I looked over and saw a Chinese mom and dad.  I waved they waved back.  I rolled down the window, explained who we were and asked if we could stay in touch.  They said yes, and gave me their number.  They came to English class last week, and then this week we finally got to start teaching them.  They are really nice, they understand everything we teach them.  We invited them to be baptized, but they said that it will take time.  They are really doing this for their daughter.  She is named Audrey and she is 5 and they are really worried about her growing up in America and hope that church can help.  They came to church on Sunday and took her to primary.  She really liked it.  Hopefully as they read and pray they will be able to recognize the Spirit and know that this is true!  Their names are Annie and Jonny!  They just came to America a month ago.  It is a cool story huh?

Alright so I don't know if I have written much or anything about Terry.  He has met with us a couple times and came to church once.  This week I was on exchanges with some Zone members and we met with him. I asked about how he felt as he read and prayed.  He said he felt peace and happiness.  I told him that was the spirit, and invited him to be baptized.  He said yes!  Problem is he goes back to China on Thursday.  Yesterday we were on exchanges again, and Elder Yeung committed him to be baptized this Wednesday.  It is really crazy!  I don't know if he is ready, but this might be the only time he comes to America.  We will see what happens.  

Christy.  She talked to her parents and they are super scared about her joining a church because of some recent violent activity by some "christian cult members"  in China.  She still wants to be baptized after she comes back from visiting in the Summer.  We gave her a for the strength of youth pamphlet to give to them.  

That's about all!  I love you guys a ton!  

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