Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2 Week 43 Eden's Baptism, Zone Development Meeting Pictures!!, Daniel, Christy, Li Rui Red Bean Dessert

First off I would like to tell a story of this morning.  Elder Schoonmaker brought me a slip of paper that said we had a package in the office.  He asked if I was expecting something.  I said yes (thinking it was snickerdoodles and Chinese conference talks.)  So we go to the office and there are two packages.  Both are for Elder Schoonmaker.  He rubbed it in my face pretty bad.  Oh well.  Oh news on the Chinese flashcards.  Elder Schoonmaker found a ton in our apartment left by old missionaries so I have been using those.  So no worries about finding the cards.  The conference talks are what I really need.  [After getting this we sent off a package of snickerdoodles and chinese conference talks]

This week was really good.  I was able to get through everything I needed to.  I realized I have to prioritize and get the most important things done first and try to do the small things, but not get so stressed out if they don't happen.

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the AP's again.  This time one of them came to our area and Elder Yeung went with them.  It was a good time.  I always learn a lot from them.  They are all really good guys.  They will do a great job when the new president comes in.  We met with Eden to get ready for baptism.  She had a little bit of a concern about coffee, but we helped her resolve it.  We ate dinner with a guy who works in anti-terrorism at the FBI.  We talked about BYU and majors.  I told him I have thought about going into accounting.  He said that because I speak Chinese the FBI would come and recruit me if I did.  That night I also did a baptismal interview for this lady that has been investigating the church for 5 years!  She passed and was baptized on Sunday!  Good week for our Zone, (the same companionship had another baptism and the Sisters in Eastvale also had one) ... Oh CRAZY story about their baptism.  So after I got off the phone with you guys in SLC INTL back in October, Elder Clarkson was talking to this lady sitting next to us.  We talked to her for a really long time.  At the end Elder Clarkson got her info and asked if missionaries could come.  Well fast forward to now and it turns out that she is the one the sister's just baptized!  Crazy stuff. [We hope that Clarkson finds out about this…really cool]

Wednesday was good Eden passed her baptismal interview.  We met with Henry, he is still progressing, but really slowly.  We also met with a relatively new guy named Terry, and a guy named Frank.  Neither are progressing very well.  It is hard when they all go home or move away really soon.  

Thursday we went to Mission Leadership conference.  It was cool to go see.  Hopefully you guys can go see the pictures online!  President talked a lot about the transition.  He said just to go with what the new president says because "he is the new sheriff in town." 

 After the meeting they fed us a pizza lunch which was good.  I didn't really know many people there. That night we met with Christy and Su came and helped.  It was so awesome!  Su bore his testimony about how the gospel and baptism has helped him.  I really felt the spirit and so did Christy.  She said she has made her decision she just has to tell her parents (they have been in a region without cell service for a long time.)  We will find out tonight.

Friday we help our Zone development meeting.  It went pretty good.  We trained on putting people on date, and daily contact.  I really hope it helps our Zone.  We have a cool Zone.  All of them are really good missionaries.  After class we met with another really cool guy named Daniel, he goes back to China in two weeks too.  I am really going to miss them all.  It has been really cool working with them, even if not all of them get baptized.  

Saturday we did a service project and cleaned up trash on the side of a road.  The missionaries here do it twice a month and in return we get a free room in the community center to hold our English class.  So we did that.  Then we finally finished weekly planning.  We got a new investigator named Rodger.  He is really cool then we went to the University Heights ward BBQ.  I am sort of in-between wards right now.   We go to Eastavle 1st Sacrament, then we got to UH for all 3 hours, and we get dinners from the Eastvale 2nd ward.  I miss having a solid ward to be in.

Sunday we went to 4 hours of church, ran and taught a lesson, ran back to the baptism which was really good.  Su baptized Eden, he hit her head on the side of the font, not too hard, but enough that everyone noticed.  Eden cried almost the whole time.  Alex ( Su's friend that said he would rather go to outer darkness than read the BOM) came.  Good to see him again.  It was a good week.  I love being out here.  It is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun.  Li Rui made us this dessert that is red beans, rice all wrapped up in banana leaves and boiled.  They are so good.  

-Elder Murray

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