Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 29 Week 99 - Tony and Tina Priesthood Lesson and Baptism, Ryan and Selina, Jiangs and Xiong Dinner, Eastvale Fair Contacting and Fireworks, Final Meals

This week was way too fast, I can't believe it is already p-day again. Things are going pretty good down here in Eastvale, CA. It is hot, but not unbearable. That is fun that you met Amy (recent convert from his mission visiting Provo) for dinner. Thanks for doing that, sounds like she met Elder Dyer's Sister for dinner one night too. She should be getting her patriarchal blessing this weekend right before she heads back to China. I hope in the future you get to meet more of the people I have spent the last two years with! I talk about you a lot with them. I wouldn't be doing all that I am in my life, if my biggest goal in life wasn't to be with you all forever! Can't wait to see you soon! :)

Well this week on Tuesday we had exchanges with the AP's. I was with Elder Andersen. He is a good missionary. He is younger than me mission wise, but he is 24 years old. We had a lesson with Tony and Tina about the priesthood, Tony is excited to receive it and serve others. We then had a lesson with Ryan (the recent convert) and Selina (his wife.) We invited her to be baptized again. She said maybe, but we'll see. She needs to read and pray. At night we had dinner with the Jiangs and the Xiongs; they have become good friends. Sister Xiong rescheduled her baptism for July 11th. I hope it happens, that would be a cool miracle. I am praying for it, but if it doesn't happen I am not stressed. She will get baptized when she is ready. Wednesday I was back with Elder Dyer we saw Louis in University Heights. He is doing well, he is going back to China in August. He will get in touch with the church when he gets there, I just barely sent him the Church in China's contact info. That night we had a good English class. I am excited to be done with those for a while. It is tiring. Thursday we saw Tony and Tina again. They moved to Fontana, which is a poorer area about 20 minutes from here. They are struggling to adjust. Keep them in your prayers. At night we had correlation wtih Brother Miao. It is always fun to go his house for meetings, because they always give us good snacks. All the members are signing up to feed us and on weekend we will have a big party with everyone to send me off. I am excited, but also super sad. I have been spending language study writing cards to everyone. I wanted to ask if we know what phone number I will have when I get back, and I wanted to ask parker to help me make a wechat (Chinese facebook) account so I can stay in touch with everyone. It is hard to leave here, but I am planning to keep in contact with everyone. Friday I was on exchanges again. We had a lesson with Shell and her friend Hank. Shell commented on how good a teacher I had become. We also contacted a referral that Sister Jiang gave us. Her name is mao yin yin. They are so golden. It was crazy. They came to church yesterday and when they were asked to introduce, they basically bore testimony of how good they felt here. They are probably going to get baptized. I invited that day, but she said she needed to feel it in her heart. I think she has felt it now, so next lesson we will try again for a date. :) Saturday We had Tony's baptism!! He was 20 minutes late which was stressful, but it was all good in the end. In the afternoon we saw the An family. They were nice, but he really doesn't want to change his ways with tea. He does want to donate money though, he is very well off, and has a custom built cell phone. They are feeding us lunch this week too. These next two weeks, I will probably eat nothing but Chinese. At night we went contacting at this big fair thing that Eastvale puts on. We talked to a lot of people and lots of members saw us and thanked us for coming representing the church even during the supreme court decision. To be honest no one even talked to us about that, but the members were glad to see us. We were trying to get out, when we ran into the Liang family. They were happy to see us there too. They are so solid and awesome. They came to Tony's baptism that day. Well by then it was 9:00 already and the firework show started. We ran back to the car and we got in at 9:34 really sweaty.  Sunday we had a good day at church. President Mullen came, and met some Chinese members. We had a good night of contacting people in the streets at dusk. The weather is perfect at that time, and their are great sunsets. I will miss that about CA. Ok I love you all. Thanks for the money. I will buy a suitcase today! Love you! -Elder Murray

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