Monday, June 22, 2015

May 25 Week 94 - Max Baptism - Holy Ghost Talk and Prompting - Met due to slippers; DJ, Jerome, Johny, Ethan and Jamie, Diana and Lucy

So this week was rough.  When President Mullen called to tell me I was going English he said the Lord had told him I needed a challenge.  Well I think this week was part of it.   So the most bummer thing is DJ, he cancelled our appointment, told us his mom disapproves of the church, and then left to Vegas for the long weekend and stopped responding to us.  Super sad.  We will keep trying though.

So on Monday we saw Jerome the recent convert.  He is doing ok.  He got a job and is super busy.  He didn't come to church on Sunday, which was sad as well.  

Tuesday we had Multi-Zone conference.  I had to give a training with Elder Muir on dinner thoughts. I also had to give my outgoing testimony since this was my last conference.  It was nice to get done with no tears.  I am not a big public crier.  After that we met with a referral from the Spanish sisters.  She was nice, but her husband is a pastor in another church.  So we'll see if she keeps the return appointment.  

Wednesday we did some service at an old folks home.  We moved some furniture.  It was nice to help out a little bit.  We did a lot of biking this week since we are low on miles for the month.  It was nice and cool this week though, so that was a blessing.  So after doing service we biked and tried to see people with no luck.  We did see Jonny and his Mom and Dad.  They are more open to having him get baptized after meeting with the bishop.  However, they missed church this week and cancelled the appointment where they were going to sign the baptismal permission slip.  

Thursday we did planning and at night we met with the new family from last week.  I can't remember if I put this in, but we talked to the wife last week on the street, not realizing she was a member.  We are teaching her and their 11 year old son Ethan right now.  They are nice, the son is willing to get baptized, but didn't want to set a date.  The mom Jamie is not so interested, but oh well.

Friday was exchanges.  EVERYONE cancelled that day.  It was a real bummer.  All the team ups that came out with us were kind of annoyed, that everything fell through, but hey that is missionary work sometimes.  Saturday got a little better.  We got two member presents with Diana and Lucy.  They are both doing so well.  Diana will be baptized June 27th!!!  So solid.  We also had lunch that day at a new Thai place in Eastvale.  We got mango sticky rice for dessert; man that stuff is good!

Saturday Max Z also got baptized.  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and talked about how Elder Carling and I had felt the Holy Ghost to go to the neighborhood to find them the day that we did.  Afterward he and his wife said that the story was cool, because they had already left for the day, but realized Max was only wearing slippers, so they came back just to switch shoes, so we caught them in the driveway at just the right time!  Pretty great bapitsm.  I really felt the spirit there, and so did his wife.  She was crying, and is on date for June!

Sunday only Lucy came to church, so that was hard.  Then we couldn't find a new investigator, so we didn't hit standard. It was so hard to come so close but not hit it.  We had someone questionable we could've counted, but I felt it was better to just be honest, and not worry about the honors of men.  The AP wasn't happy, but I feel good.  I tried really hard.  

I love you guys the trip sounds so fun, I can't wait to be with you all together!!!

-Elder Murray

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